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Hi, this is an Old project I've done in 2018 when I first started designing on Planner 5D and just decided to send it to gallery, tell me what you guys think of it when I first started off, thank you.

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Sub_Urban Fan
hmm, 52 people, 52 people and no one commented..come on guys, ngl if I seen your guy's project, I would have commented on it. so please don't leave me blank.
2021-04-28 18:12:22
Sub_Urban Fan
58 people.....hmm, you know you guys could just tell me that I didn't do good when I first started Planner 5D or if I did do good.
2021-05-03 15:49:22
hi there, i do like it but i think that because the rooms are all so large they look quite empty... i am very impressed that you did this wthout premium though so well done! please see my design battle thanks
2021-05-03 16:35:06
Sub_Urban Fan
Thank you for your comment! I really appreciate it, and yes, the rooms are a bit large, when I first started I didn't know how to change the size of it, and I would love to look at your design battle!
2021-05-03 16:42:31
thanks for the comment - I am Italian, why do you ask?
2021-05-03 16:58:49
Sub_Urban Fan
Idk, just wanted to know ig lol, and I think its really cool to talk to someone thats in a different country or a different race yk, and ngl I'm mostly Mexican but I have a few Italian in me and rn I'm learning Italian and a few other languages.
2021-05-03 17:48:04
cool, good luck!! I speak 7 languages!
2021-05-03 18:24:36
Sub_Urban Fan
7!?! wow thats amazing! idk if I can remember that many languages lol
2021-05-03 18:28:27
Great Design
2021-05-10 22:59:15
Sub_Urban Fan
Thank you
2021-05-11 16:55:52