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Planner 5D offers a user-friendly platform ideal for professionals and amateurs to design captivating home interiors and create detailed real estate floor plans for commercial buildings. The process is streamlined into three simple steps: sketching out the layout, transforming it into a 3D model, and easily sharing it with just one click.

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Crafting real estate floor plans may initially appear daunting, but with Planner 5D, the process becomes remarkably straightforward.

This innovative tool empowers you to swiftly generate comprehensive layouts with minimal effort. With the help og Planner 5D's intuitive interface, you can seamlessly design intricate floor plans that accurately capture the spatial dynamics of commercial and residential properties.

Whether conceptualizing office spaces, retail establishments, or residential dwellings, Planner 5D facilitates the creation of detailed floor plans tailored to diverse real estate needs.


How to Create Real Estate Floor Plans - Step-By-Step

With Planner 5D, designing real estate floor plans for diverse properties becomes a smooth and gratifying endeavor. Let's explore the precise step-by-step process that makes Planner 5D the best choice for real estate professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Easily Draw Your Layout

Use the building tools to draw walls and other essential architectural features. All the controls are extremely intuitive, so once you place your first element of the layout, you will quickly learn how it's done.

Add furnishing elements

If you want to see more of your design and actually plan entire rooms in the building, you can rely on Planner 5D’s catalogue. Choose the furniture pieces you’d like to see in the commercial building and easily customize them if necessary.

Export in 3D

The last step is exporting your real estate floor plan in 3D. You can do this in just a few clicks. You can also select some of the advanced renders to see what the building would look like in different times of the day.

Unleash your creativity with Planner 5D for real estate floor planning!

Dive into a world where designing your dream space is not only effortless but also exhilarating.

With its intuitive interface and vast library of décor options, Planner 5D lets you craft personalized layouts tailored to your unique vision.


The Best Floor Plan Software for Real Estate Agents

There is a wide variety of similar online platforms. Perhaps you’re wondering why you should choose Planner 5D to design a real estate property.

We can list plenty of reasons, such as:

Create a design concept on a budget – We’ve briefly mentioned that our online planner is a much better option than expensive designers. You basically get the same results but for a much lower price.
Explore all customizable options – Out of 4,000+ items, you will definitely find something that suits your creative ideas. Plus, you can change colors, materials, and patterns on all objects until you come up with a cohesive design.
Easily edit to the smallest detail – We understand that not everybody will be able to create a perfect plan from the first try. For this reason, we made sure you can make all of the changes until you’ve perfected your project.
Implement your ideas without any special skills – The levels of skill and professional experience in our userbase is incredibly diverse. Even if you don’t know where to start, you’ll quickly get a hold of the platform.

We’re proud to show off the projects that some of our users have created. You can find lots of ideas in our gallery before starting on your own apartment floor plan. You can search for houses that are similar to yours and draw inspiration from published layouts.

These examples will demonstrate to you how creative you can get with interior design. However, if you still want a helping hand, there are multiple templates you can choose from. With just a few clicks, you can modify it and share it with other users or even send it to your builders.

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How Do You Build a Real Estate Plan?

You can start by looking at tutorials on our website. But in general, even beginners can quickly get a hold of custom plan creation. Just open our software and draw walls, windows, and other essentials.
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Can I Use Real Measurements?

Yes, you can draw a layout according to real-life parameters to visualize the space. Also, this will help you calculate whether your preferred furniture actually fits the rooms.
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Where Can I Get Inspiration for Floor Plans?

There is a gallery of finished projects that our users have created. You can browse through the projects at any time and use it as inspiration for your own.
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Can I Create a 3D Plan for Free?

Yes, our platform is free to use both for 2D plans and 3D renderings. There are some paid item options if you want to explore other capabilities.
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Are the Projects Exportable?

Yes, you can export your project into a file and share it with your builders or anyone else who might be interested. Our tool allows you to create actionable real estate floor plans that are ready to use.
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Have any more questions? Don't hesitate.

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