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With Planner 5D, you can create detailed office blueprints to make the working space as functional and thoughtful as possible. Create the layout that will meet your needs and ensure maximum productivity.
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Making an office layout is a headache-causing venture for most people. They mistakenly think that only professionally trained designers can take on this task. While the process of creating an office floor plan is intricate, any regular person can handle it. You just need a robust, easy-to-use software, such as Planner 5D.

Our 2D and 3D office planner helps you visualize the space effectively. You no longer have to guess how many desks will fit in the room, whether you can add an extra conference room on the office floor plan, or where to place doors and pathways. Set the right measurements and be confident in how your future office will look.

The best thing is that this tool is perfect for everybody. On the one hand, you don’t need any previous experience in the field. You can master the instruments and control in a matter of minutes. At the same time, our platform is used by professionals who want to save time and effort on making visualizations. It’s likely you have plenty of design ideas.

But how do you know they are worth pursuing? The answer is creating a digital visualization. Thanks to the evolution of advanced office layout software, everyone has access to this technology. Using our drag & drop tools, you can easily arrange all items to make the space perfect for your office’s needs.


How Does Office Planning Work?

To create a comfortable and vigorous working environment, you need to organize the space in the right manner. Planner 5D is one of the easiest tools to transform your ideas into actionable plans. It does all the legwork – you just need to put your imagination to good use.


Draw The Office Floor Layout

An office is one of the most flexible spaces that you can think of.

Draw walls, partitions and dividers to customize your unique office layout.


Furnish It In 3D

Set up your new office with the furniture that employees really need. Choose items from our libraries and compare which ones make the most sense.

Unlike overly complex design programs, Planner 5D allows you to move around objects with a simple click of the mouse or a tap on a mobile device.


Create 3D Visualization

Based on the 2D model of the space, create graphics, and render designs using 3D software. This will allow you to see a better depth of your future office. When the plan is neatly complemented by a photorealistic image, you get a greater appreciation of what you’ve just created.

Once again, you won’t have to guess what it will look like in real life – it’s already in front of your eyes.


How To Create The Best Floor Plan

A well-made office floor plan decision has a significant impact on how space is going to be utilized. It essentially makes the difference between a dream office and disappointment.

Before you start creating with our online office planner, here are some tips to keep in mind:

Not every layout will be suitable for your needs. Just because a certain style is great for one company, it doesn’t mean you should copy it. Our customization options let you accomplish a unique plan.
Consider safety and comfort. Think twice about putting stairs without railings, expansive glass enclosures, and other potentially unsafe features.
Choose an office floor plan that works with your budget now. There is a lot of room for creativity - from finishes and innovative additions to extra area and amenities. At the start, stick only to those that you actually need.
Make sure the room sizes are adequate – not too small, not too big. Move walls and hallways around until you have a perfect balance.
Don’t add unnecessary architectural features just because they look nice. Our library objects prioritize function and cost-efficiency.

Planner 5D turns your ideas into clear visuals. Seeing a 3D version of your future office helps in the decision-making process and also in dealing with revisions.

You can evaluate not only the placement of the furniture but also all the details, such as specific materials.

Once you design a blueprint that is perfect for your preferences, you can start building right away.

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Planner 5D Best Features

At Planner 5D, we pay special attention to achieving the balance of simple yet powerful functionality. What else makes us stand out from the rest of the competition?
Quick-start building templates

Browse dozens of office plan examples to get your creative mind flowing. Our templates are a perfect starting ground if you’re new to design. Choose anything that you like and customize it to make a unique version of our off-the-rack office arrangements.

Comprehensive library of office symbols

There is a wide variety of objects that you can place onto your layout. Check out our desks, chairs, cubicles, partitions, and other office objects. Scale them, and you will not have unexpected difficulties during your renovation.

Top design tools

Designing a professional-looking plan is easier than it seems. Even if you don't know what you're doing in the beginning, you quickly get accustomed to the functionality. Explore the options of changing the flooring, furniture, cabinet plans, and more.

Interested in Planner 5D?

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What our users say about us?

This program is very good because it helps you create your own 3d model of an architectural project.


I like this app so much! You have got so many choices to pick from(for room decoration and other stuff)


The app is easy to use. Even a newbie can come up with nice designs. It’s very stable and rarely crashes.

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Lastly, let’s go over some questions about Planner 5D that you might have left.

How Do I Create an Office Floor Plan for My Business?

Create the floorplan with hundreds of pick-up-and-place office symbols, including walls, doors, desks, conference room items, etc. Change colors, textures, and sizes and view the results in 3D and 2D environments.
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Can I Make a Design with No Experience?

You can achieve a professional result even if you’ve never made office design before. Be open to changing the layout and browse our gallery for inspiration.
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Is Planner 5D Free to Use?

Yes, you can start creating your first project right away. However, if you want to extend your library choices down the line, you can get an upgrade.
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Why Is Office Planning Important?

A carefully planned office helps workers fulfill tasks and purposes of the company more efficiently. Also, it considerably cuts costs in the long run.
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What Is the Best Office Layout?

Judging by the popularity, the best office floor plan is open space. However, team clusters and private rooms can be equally beneficial.
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Have any more questions? Don't hesitate.

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