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Are you in search of inspiration to decorate a bathroom for your project? Explore all of the amazing features of an advanced and easy-to-use 3D bathroom layout tool for free - Planner 5D.
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Are you fed up with your old bathroom layout?

What if you can’t come up with any fresh design ideas? Are you dealing with a lack of an interactive and up-to-date bathroom planner tool? Forget about all inconveniences as we have developed special online software for quick and convenient virtual design.

This modern software provides you with numerous capabilities starting with an opportunity to create a floor plan, change the room shape, or pick a particular room element ending with the professional layout of your bathroom in a 2D and 3D format in the online mode.

Thus, this app will help bring fresh experiences to your everyday life. Besides, work formats can also vary. You can easily use a bathroom planner to create a remodel of the current design of your bathroom. Alternatively, you might be interested in making slight modifications to your existing layout. At the same time, you can start by developing a completely new plan.

All of these variants are available and extremely simple to turn into a reality with the online bathroom planner.

There is no longer a need for huge paper plans and endless discussions with a designer. You will not have to suffer tiring hours of trying to agree on the design you really would like to see in your house. Modern technologies let us do everything online.


How Does The
Planning Tool Work?

The thing that makes this bathroom planner stand out from all other offers is the simplicity of its use. Even if you are on formal terms with computers, you will not face any trouble creating your bathroom plan. Here we provide a short sequence of instructions that will facilitate the planning of your future personal oasis. The example implies instruments for shaping design from scratch, but it can also be applied to remodeling or other plan changes to your bathroom.


Make Initial Steps

To make the shape of your future bathroom, you should use a drag tool to draw the floor plan and establish walls. You can always make the space smaller or bigger by dragging lines to the position you need.

Furthermore, at this stage, you should select windows and doors. They are all available at the special library of design elements. It means a bathroom planner gives you a chance to actually build the bathroom room you’ve always dreamt about.


Continue Planning

The second step implies choosing various elements and fixtures for the design plan of your bathroom.

Similarly, you select them from the library and place them into your bathroom planning. You have an opportunity to resize design features, move them, delete them, and arrange them as needed for your layout.


Final Design Flourish

Finally, you can change the format of your bathroom. The bathroom planner lets you change the plan to a 3D format.


How To Create
Your Dream Bathroom

In fact, it is quite challenging to come up with an inspiring design. However, it is the planning structure that is even more complicated. You need special equipment that will help you achieve a professional result. But with Planner5D things, become the opposite of frightening as we take care of everything for your comfort. This is what distinguishes us from other design and room planners on the market.

Planner5D is a perfect planning system. This bathroom planner consists of modern electronic items that significantly ease the process of design. This is explained by the fact that this planner allows you to create a bathroom both in 2D and 3D formats.

It leads to visualization looks that are extremely realistic, and you will hardly find any differences when you see the completed plan with your own eyes.

The 2D bathroom is essential when planning a design. You can see the space and arrange it properly. Furthermore, automatic measurements pose assistance in avoiding mistakes in the plan. A 3D bathroom is needed for the visual clarity of your project. In addition to that, using these methods, you can compare different versions of the design of your bathroom and pick the one that fits the most at any moment you want.

More features of Planner 5D include


Planner5D is an ideal decision for those who appreciate the professionalism and effectiveness of the design platforms.

For everyone

Our firm aspires to create a pleasant bathroom planning process for you. That is the reason why we make our application process both easy and fun.


In order to create an excellent bathroom space, you will have access to well- developed yet simple elements.

Ease of use

Our company can assure you that you will be able to start creating your bathroom straight away. There is no need to wait for the program to load or render.

All you need

With us, you will be able to understand that the project of creating an ideal bathroom is something you can manage.

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This program is very good because it helps you create your own 3d model of an architectural project.


I like this app so much! You have got so many choices to pick from(for room decoration and other stuff)


The app is easy to use. Even a newbie can come up with nice designs. It’s very stable and rarely crashes.

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Is it free to create a bathroom using your service?
Yes, it is absolutely free.
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What if I struggle with using the tools you have?
You can always apply to our support service, and we will happily assist you.
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Will your project be similar to the real one?
It will be absolutely the same. Our plans are displayed in a realistic style.
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How can I create a bathroom?
To create your bathroom design, you can look up the detailed instructions we provided above.
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