Design of the Week: Luxury Bath

This week's design is a luxurious bath that's guaranteed to inspire you.

luxurious bath designed using Planner 5D software
Luxury bath on Planner 5D

At Planner 5D, we love to showcase our users and their original ideas. So from time to time, we will pick a “Design of the Week.” One of our interior designers chose a luxurious and unique project from a recent design battle this time. It was created by Oleksandra Kunieva.

What makes this design inspiring and unique?

Luxury and uniqueness come from the materials used in this design. We see expensive marble stone, gold elements, mirrors, lighting and wood. Large windows, spaciousness and light recessed lighting all create an illusion of a modern luxurious vibe.

Why does our mind automatically make us think that it is luxury but not simply more everyday usable? Actually, it’s very simple why this happens.

We generally won’t see black bathtubs and sinks, floor and ceiling recessed lighting or vertical green walls in everyday life. Black bathtubs are rare and costly to maintain, and this type of lighting is also expensive to install. Walls made from live plants can be hard to keep as the plants require specific lighting and moisture care.

We like that designer has thought through the design and considered where items can be hidden and stored beautifully. Above the toilet, we can see a storage area built into the wall. It's discreet and blends with the rest of the design.

Tips for creating luxurious-looking designs:

  • Incorporate gold elements instead of stainless steel.
  • Don’t be afraid to use marble or other stone on walls and floors.
  • Add unique lighting sources, including recessed floor or ceiling lights
  • Don’t be afraid to leave empty spaces to create that luxurious
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment with different design features.

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