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How to build the Iron Man Garage in Planner 5D

Which superhero has the coolest house? It’s hard to say, but Iron Man’s is one of them. With its wide windows and intriguing shape, his mansion is both unusual and impressive. And Iron Man’s workshop is no exception.

01.12.2020 19:21:46

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How to get that London Look in Your Interior - Tips from Polina Moldaschl

London: capital of England, fashion, and all things quirky. And home to our next interviewee: Polina Moldaschl from Wow-Create. As a photo producer and creative consultant, she’s fantastic with visuals. Naturally, she has an eye for what looks good, so we spoke to her about what she loves about London apartments and how to recreate the look.


Sublime Balcony Ideas for 2020 | Décor and Renovation Tips

If you have a balcony, you have access to an exclusive outdoor space with masses of potential. Not only is it a place to appreciate light and air, but it's also often easier to look after than a formal garden. Planner 5D is here with some of the best balcony ideas to make yours into an oasis of peace and privacy.


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