Outdoor Kitchen Ideas: Inspiring Designs for Your Backyard

Thinking of an outdoor kitchen? Here are some great ideas to inspire your next project.

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An outdoor kitchen can be a great addition to any home, providing a space for entertaining, cooking and relaxing. It can be a great way to enjoy the outdoors while cooking for your family and friends. If you love spending time in your backyard or patio, an outdoor kitchen will allow you to spend even more time outside.

We've put together a list of creative outdoor kitchen design ideas to inspire your next backyard get-together and transform your outdoor space. With a little planning and creativity, you can design an outdoor space that will be the envy of your neighborhood.

Outdoor Kitchen Ideas for Small Spaces

The beauty of outdoor cooking is that you don’t need a lot of space. You can easily turn any outdoor space, like a balcony or a deck, into a small outdoor kitchen with a few basics. Even a small dining space area can transform your  outdoor space into an entertainment area.

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A small charcoal BBQ or a stainless steel grill can easily fit in small spaces without giving up on function. If you have enough space, add a small food prep station. Otherwise, use your indoor kitchen for prep and serving.

Outdoor Kitchen with Bar Seating

Cooking, while entertaining, offers everyone a chance to mingle and share in the experience. While the kitchen is the heart of the home, an outdoor kitchen can be the center of your party. Add seating areas around the grill for a more intimate setting.

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Transform your kitchen into a dining area by adding high chairs around the kitchen island and creating a seating area. You can also add a wine fridge and a drop-in cooler refrigeration drawer to keep beverages cold and easily accessible. Include covered outdoor kitchen ideas like awnings or gazebos to add shelter.

Outdoor Grill Island with Side Burner

An island-shaped outdoor kitchen area is ideal for any cooking enthusiasts. Its versatility offers many options for setting up all your appliances and accessories. You can line them for easier access and make your cooking experience as seamless as possible.

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Outdoor cooking island with side grill | Gordon Swanson on Shutterstock

Islands are also great for limited spaces as you can use them to stack all your necessities. A side burner is an excellent option for adding more cooking capacity to your grill, as are built-in double drawers for storage of utensils and accessories.

Straight Island with Combo Storage

An island is also an excellent option for adding more versatility to any outdoor cooking space. Built-in fridges, dishwashers and garbage dispensers can be hidden behind doors and cupboards on the kitchen island.

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Adding extra appliances and storage receptacles to the island can eliminate clutter and keep things out of the way. Access to all the necessities, including a sink, prep station, storage and trash, makes outdoor cooking more efficient.

Straight Island with Sink

A sink is an excellent addition to any kitchen setup. Add stone countertops around the sink to create a larger food prep area for seamless washing and chopping. You can also keep your outdoor kitchen clean without having to run indoors every time you need water.

outdoor kitchen sink
Outdoor sink is always a good idea | Ozgur Coskun on Shutterstock

Outdoor Kitchens with Pizza Oven

Elevate pizza nights with your own wood-burning pizza oven. Add a clay or brick pizza oven to your outdoor kitchen and guarantee your family dinners will never be boring again. Not enough space? Try a mini pizza oven in stainless steel to match the rest of your appliances.

outdoor pizza oven
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Pizza ovens are not only great for pizza. You can also use them to grill fish, roast vegetables, smoke meat, and bake bread and desserts. They also come in various sizes and styles, making a great addition to your backyard.

Large L-Shape with Fire Pit

Make your summer parties last into the night by adding a fire pit to your outdoor kitchen. Grill food and serve cold drinks from the cooler as your guests gather and mingle. Create a sitting area around the fire pit and let your guests relax around the fire or roast marshmallows as the sun sets.

L-shaped outdoor kitchen
L-shape with a fire pit | Allison J. Hahn on Shutterstock

Stacked Stone L-Shaped

Upgrade your L-shaped outdoor kitchen with some creative design. Stone is a great way to add a touch of sophistication to any outdoor cooking space. Use red brick to create a rustic look, or opt for clean, light stone for a more modern look.

L-shaped kitchen ideas
Stacked stone L-shaped kitchen | imging on Shutterstock

If you’re starting your project from scratch, consider adding in a rangehood, double side burners and build-in a stainless steel grill. Coolers, smokers and a mini fridge are always a great addition to any entertainment space guaranteed to impress your guests.

Cozy Patio Outdoor Kitchen

Create a cozy outdoor patio by combining your outdoor and indoor living spaces. A stylish outdoor kitchen and a cozy sitting area are perfect for family gatherings and get-togethers. Install a TV, and add a play area and some potted plants to create a playful and relaxing vibe for the whole family.

outdoor indoor kitchen
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Stone Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor stone kitchens have been around for a long time. Consider using stone for your kitchen project to create a rustic, old-school vibe. Stone is durable and weather resistant, making it a great choice for material. Add a rustic sink, fire-burning stove and storage for wood logs to create a unique atmosphere and entertainment area.

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Stone outdoor kitchen | Magdanatka on Shutterstock

Outdoor Dining Patio

Create an outdoor dining experience with an elevated patio and kitchen combo. Add an outdoor-restaurant style vibe to your space with a covered patio, large stone kitchen island counter and stone patio. Fresh plants, overgrown vines and large straw lamp shades will complete the look and impress your friends all year round.

outdoor dining area
Go for a sophisticated patio kitchen | brizmaker on Shutterstock

Outdoor Food Prep Station for Small Spaces

Having a small outdoor space doesn't mean you miss out on having a prep station. You can easily create a temporary one by bringing out a table, getting a grill or a smoker with a small shelf, or building one around your appliances. Prep areas are easy to create, especially outdoors, and can be temporary if you lack proper space. The best part is that they can be folded away or hidden when not in use. Having a prep station makes preparing your food and serving it to your guests easier.

outdoor food prep area
Create a temporary prep area | stock_studio on Shutterstock

Outdoor Kitchen with Rustic Fireplace

Transform your existing outdoor space into a kitchen and dining area by incorporating existing features. An old stone fireplace is a great alternative to smokers and stand-alone BBQs. Add outdoor prep and seating areas where you can make food and serve it to your guests. When you’re done eating, relax by the cozy fire.

outdoor rustic kitchen
Convert a rustic fireplace into a kitchen | Dizfoto on Shutterstock

Cabin in the Woods Kitchen

Add some fun to your outdoor kitchen designs by building a simple wooden deck and creating a modern cabin in the woods kitchen for your backyard. Incorporate a smoker or a grill into the wooden cabinets with shelves and cupboards for additional storage. Add a seating area and a portable heater to create a comfortable and cozy entertainment space.

cabin in the woods kitchen
Cabin in the woods kitchen | Pipas Imagery on Shutterstock

Modern Kitchen with Stainless Steel Cabinets and Smoker

Stainless steel is a great choice for outdoor appliances and cabinetry. It’s easy to clean and maintain and looks great in any outdoor kitchen. Add a built-in smoker or a pizza oven, a mini fridge and a sink to complete the setup. Add a brick wall or rustic tile backsplash and wooden elements for contrast. You can also incorporate a wooden ceiling for a modern yet classic combination that will wow your guests.

covered outdoor kitchen ideas
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Outdoor Kitchen and Pool Bar

Multifunctional spaces are great for creating additional living spaces that all guests can enjoy. These backyard kitchen ideas can combine different areas into one, coherent space. If you have a pool or are thinking of incorporating it into your next backyard project, consider designing an outdoor kitchen that can also function as an entertainment area and a pool house. You can use your kitchen space to make food or serve drinks to your guests. Incorporate as many appliances as you need, including a fridge, sink or smoker.

An outdoor pool house + kitchen | Pipas Imagery on Shutterstock

Gazebo Outdoor Kitchen

If you have enough space, consider building a gazebo for your kitchen. This way, you can create a separate outdoor space for food preparation that can also be used as an entertainment area. Consider building a stone pizza oven, a built-in grilling station, and a fridge to create a self-sufficient space separate from your main home space. A solid roof enables you to enjoy the outdoor space in all weather conditions.

outdoor cooking oven
Build a gazebo for your kitchen | Bilanol on Shutterstock

Comfortable Cozy Tent Kitchen

A cozy tent kitchen is your perfect solution if you love camping and the outdoors. Build a tent over your deck and add indoor and outdoor seating and drink lights to add ambiance. A simple cooking area and sink with a fridge are all you need to entertain your guests and enjoy the outdoors. You can enjoy this type of space in different weather conditions and all year round.

tent kitchen design ideas
Cozy tent kitchen | Barbara Milavec on Shutterstock


You can convert many different types of outdoor spaces into outdoor kitchens, dining and entertainment areas. You can easily convert existing spaces into outdoor cooking areas or build one from scratch with simple outdoor kitchen plans. Depending on your budget and skills, you might need to hire a professional contractor to ensure your plumbing, electrical and gas are installed correctly and up to code. No matter what your style, there is an outdoor kitchen style that’s perfect for you.


How Do You Design an Outdoor Kitchen?

Designing an outdoor kitchen is similar to planning an indoor kitchen. You'll need to choose a location that has access to power and water and select materials that can withstand the elements. Your appliances, furniture and food prep areas should also be designed for weather conditions in your area and set up to prevent any cooking mishaps or fires.

Should an Outdoor Kitchen be Covered?

Whether your outdoor kitchen is covered depends on several factors, including the climate, the location of the kitchen and your personal preferences. A covered outdoor kitchen is more likely to be used as it's accessible in all kinds of weather, while an uncovered one is only usable when the weather is good. Additionally, a covered outdoor kitchen is more protected from the elements and can be used as storage space for outdoor cooking supplies and equipment.

Is it Worth it to Build an Outdoor Kitchen?

An outdoor kitchen can be a great addition to any home as it provides a convenient place to cook and entertain guests. It can also add value to your property. However, outdoor kitchens can also be expensive to build and maintain. Before you decide whether an outdoor kitchen is right for you, it’s important to consider the pros and cons.

How Much does it Cost to Build a Kitchen Outside?

A basic outdoor kitchen might cost as little as $3,000, while a more luxurious setup could cost more than $10,000. Some popular features that can increase the cost of an outdoor kitchen include built-in appliances, stone countertops, outdoor lighting and awnings or roofs to protect against the elements.

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