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Build and view high-quality 3D floor plans of your home or property with Planner 5D. Include as many or as few details, such as windows, doors, flooring, and fixed installations, or even leave it unfurnished. You no longer have to put up with overpriced studios – instead, create a perfect home design project yourself.

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Enjoy Your 3D Floor Plan

While it sounds complicated at first, good software will solve the issue. We’ve simplified the process of creating floorplans as much as possible. Just follow these steps, and you'll have a finished design in no time.


How Does 3D Floor Plan App Work?

To create a comfortable and vigorous working environment, you need to organize the space in the right manner. Planner 5D is one of the easiest tools to transform your ideas into actionable plans. It does all the legwork – you just need to put your imagination to good use.


Create Your Layout Online

3D floorplans start with a well-planned layout of your future space. Open our tool and draw walls and partitions at the right places. If at any point you want to make some modifications, you’re free to do so in just a few clicks.


Convert To A 3D Project

Now is the part where you actually transform your layout into 3D floor plans. These days, any regular user has the opportunity to recreate the work of an experienced designer. You can create a professional-looking 3D rendering with Planner 5D without spending all of your budget on a design studio.


Create 3D Visualization

Are you ready to proceed to the building stage? Then you’ll need to export your 3D floor plans into a shareable file.

After that, send the project to whoever needs this information or just might be interested in looking at it.


What Can You Do With Planner 5D?

How do you know that Planner 5D is the right option for all your interior needs? We give you the tools to create floor plan design from scratch and experiment with different designs.

Here you can:

Customize however you like – We have 4,000+ objects for you to choose from. There is practically no chance that you won’t find great items that match your style. Also, apply colors, patterns, and materials to make the objects your own.
Create HD visualizations – The level of detail is unmatched. For such a simple application, you get the results of incredible quality.
Make changes on the go – If you want to change something, it won’t be a problem. Just use the dragging tool and do whatever you want. Not to mention, we have a mobile app that is accessible at any time.
Engage with the community – Share your 3D floor plans on our website and find out what others want to share with you. This is a great way to interact with similar-minded people who share a passion for interior design.

Planner 5D turns your ideas into clear visuals. Seeing a 3D version of your future interior helps in the decision-making process and also in dealing with revisions.

You can evaluate not only the placement of the furniture but also all the details, such as specific materials.

Once you design a blueprint that is perfect for your preferences, you can start building right away.

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3D Floor Plan Examples

Interested in Planner 5D?

If the idea of making 3D floor plans still sounds daunting, don’t worry. You can browse the gallery of finished projects to build up your confidence that any beginner can handle this task. The gallery showcases different kinds of projects that our users wanted to share to give others inspiration.

These examples will show you the full capabilities of our platform and all the creative ways that our users have tried.


Here is what our customers say

This program is very good because it helps you create your own 3d model of an architectural project.


I really like how simple and easy to use this is, which makes how awesome the 3D view is even more impressive.


The tool for 3D rendering works great, and when you use this tool on tablets and platforms, the design looks great. It has really helped me turn my 2D floor plans into a 3D model

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What Is Included in the Planner 5D Floor Plans?

Our plans include the necessary basic elements that you need to create completed 3D floor plans, such as:
  • Detailed plans with accurate dimensions
  • A blueprint depiction of all four sides of the house
  • Materials and furniture options.
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Can I Make Changes to My Plan?

Yes, you can customize any plan. The size of the plan and the complexity of changes are all up to you. It will be just like working with a skilled team of plan designers.
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Why should I use Planner 5D?

It’s a fun way to start planning how you want to reconstruct or build a house. We give you the tools to plan 3D floor plans and furniture pieces that you can place and move around.
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Is It Difficult to Create Custom Designs from Scratch?

No, our software is suitable for design enthusiasts of all levels. We receive reviews from beginners as well as practicing designers, so we're sure anybody will be able to handle it.
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What Is the Difference Between 2D and 3D?

A 2D or two-dimensional plan can be summarized by calling them flat shapes. A 3D or three-dimensional shape has length, height, and depth as its dimensions. 3D floor plans are a photorealistic representation of actual living space.
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Can I View More Photos of a Particular Plan?

Yes, you can rotate your images and 3D floor plans to get a better view of your project. Also, you can zoom in (to get a more detailed view) and out (to see the full picture).
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Forget about drawing the design of your room on paper!

Technologies have spoken – there are services like online room planner Planner 5D that allow you to create your dream room with minimum effort and time wasted. Intuitive interface, friendly design, and completely free to use – isn’t it what the industry really needed?

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