Meet the Planner 5D Design Council

A community of interior designers who work at Planner 5D

MissionThe Council's mission is to make home improvement and interior design easy and intuitive for all users.

The designers work with product and development teams to ensure that users access the latest design trends and products to create their dream homes. They also create engaging and educational content on Planner 5D Design School, blog, and YouTube channel.

Evelina JuzėnaitėPrincipal Interior Designer

Evelina assists the Planner 5D community in learning about interior design and home improvement. She leads the Interior Design team and curates the Design School and weekly Design Battles. In addition, Evelina works closely with the product team to make sure Planner 5D is up to date to fulfill users' needs.

Gabija AntanaityteInterior Designer

Gabija started her professional journey
as an interior designer while completing
her Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design
at Coventry University. At Planner 5D,
she helps the content team with interior design ideas, works on the weekly Design Battles, creates videos for the user community, and much more. She believes that our homes are our most valued possessions and reflect who we are
to the outside world.

Natasha FrolovaInterior Designer

Natasha works closely with the research and development team to ensure that
the platform brings value and provides useful features to the user community.
She is also involved in the weekly Design Battles that help Planner 5D users level
up their design skills and develop spatial thinking.

Monika DrazdauskaiteInterior Designer

Monika started her professional journey
as an interior designer after completing
a Bachelor's Degree in Business
and Marketing Management at VGTU.
She pursued a designer's career at KTMC, combining her education with passion
for interior design. At Planner 5D, she helps the content team with creative interior design ideas, prepares videos
for the user community, and works
on weekly Design Battles.

Interiors created by Planner 5D Design Council