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Are you in search of inspiration for bathroom remodeling? Explore all the amazing features of advanced and easy-to-use 3D site planning tool for free - Planner 5D.

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There are so many complicated CAD programs that are only available to professionals. But Planner 5D is the type of remodeling software you’re looking for. If you’re planning a bathroom renovation, this is the easiest place to start. All you need to do is learn how our drag-and-drop tool works.

We’ve got numerous items that will be perfect for your future bathroom. Not to mention, all of them are customizable – choose your own colors, textures, and sizes. Even if you never thought you could do it yourself, let us assure you that there is no need for an expensive designer. Just open our interface and get creative!


The Best Way To Redo Your Bathroom

Planner 5D is a great service for any property owner or who is on the bathroom remodeling business. Thankfully, now you can get this highly-qualified service that doesn’t require any prior experience. Here is what you need to do.


Draw Your Idea In 2D

We’ve got tons of templates to get you started. All of them are customizable according to your specifications and stylistic preferences. Alternatively, you can draw your bathroom plan from scratch and get full creative freedom.


Use The Library Items

When you’re ready to add furniture, head to our item library, and choose whatever you want. We've got appliances, tiles, décor, and a lot more. You can change sizes, colors, and patterns to make these objects feel like they belong in your house. Also, you can make any changes with the same drag-and-drop tool.


Get Your 3D Version

You probably don’t want to use a literal blueprint like in the old-fashioned days. Our software makes the 2D Floor Plan to 3D model conversion for you. You can see a photorealistic depiction of your bathroom renovation project – just like it will look in real life.


Is Planner 5D the Right Tool?

If you have any doubt about whether to use Planner 5D or not, let us address them. For beginners and experienced architects alike, our platform provides the following benefits:

It’s free – If you go to a designer for a bathroom remodeling plan, you’ll quickly realize that your budget isn’t cut for it. Instead, use our free tool to do everything yourself.
It’s easy to learn – We understand that most people don’t have time to learn new programs. With us, you just need to open the program and use the controls intuitively.
It’s fast – With CAD programs, you have to wait hours for your 3D rendering. With Planner 5D, you generate an image instantly with one click. You can finish the whole project within half an hour and export it.
It’s modern – These days, no task is too difficult to accomplish with the right technology. Now you can easily master new professions right from your computer or mobile device.
It’s creative – If you’ve always wanted to explore your creative side, this is a perfect opportunity. There is no technical or specialized skill required. Let your imagination run wild and create a bathroom of your dreams without anyone’s help.

Bathroom Renovation Ideas

When there are so many options available, how do you choose which renovation design to go for? Let us help you – our gallery consists of incredible projects that our community members have kindly allowed to feature.

You'll see a wide selection of designs, styles, innovative solutions, or classic designs. You will definitely find several examples that will be perfect for your new bathroom.

Make sure to let your creativity out and explore all possibilities for the bathroom remodeling.


What our users say about us?

It is very useful to me. Thank you very much, we hope for improvements in this great recommended app.


This App is Amazing, super easy to use and very friendly, I make design for kitchen very fast and they give me a plus in the sale of my service.


Love using this app. Wish they had more kitchen cabinets with sinks, more wallpapers, and more decor and plants.


very impressed with the full paid version. good job guys. i have used other programs to design then build kitchens and bedrooms with i wish i would have found this app first. im down to beta test your improvements if needed

A Google user

This is a really great simple design app. Got it to help plan out some renovations I'm doing and after awhile of tinkering with it, it is now incredibly useful Though it doesnt have instructions after awhile it is fairly simple.

bathroom remodeling tool


Can you remodel a bathroom affordably?

A full bathroom can cost you tens of thousands of dollars. But if you don't waste money on a designer and make smart money decisions, you cut significantly cut costs.
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What is the cheapest way to plan a remodel?

We recommend starting with free design software. It reduces your expenses for your renovation project right away and allows you to make more cost-effective choices.
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What is the ultimate bathroom remodeling software?

The best design software to create your dream bathroom is Planner 5D. Even beginners can create professional-quality designs and remodeling plans.
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What tools do I need to remodel a bathroom?

If you're doing everything yourself, the absolute basics you'll need are a tape measure, a power drill, a utility knife, a caulking gun, and, of course, a well-designed plan.
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Can I plan a renovation on the phone?

Sure! Go to AppStore or Google Market and search for the Planner 5D app.
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Have any more questions? Don't hesitate.

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