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A simple Garage Planner tool to create garage house plans. Use the app to arrange space properly with all crucial components involved including furniture, storage space, finishing materials. And many other objects you can find in the Planner 5D’s rich catalog.
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It can be tricky to make a garage design that meets all of your expectations. How do you make sure it’s spacious without looking overly dominant? Will it accommodate your car as well as some storage cabinets? What kind of color scheme and materials will be appropriate?

You can find out the answers by building a project in Planner 5D.

You might not realize how much potential a garage design can have. But with this software, you get the chance to experiment however you like. View your designs in both 2D and 3D renderings and handle every detail of your build with a few clicks or taps.

Regardless of what you’re going to use your garage for, it’s crucial to make it right. Whether you’ll exclusively use it for parking or want to add a workshop space, make sure you arrange all of the elements properly. Our garage planner tool takes unnecessary guessing out of the designing phase. If something doesn’t fit or look the way you planned, change it up until you like the results.

Developed for both professionals and beginners, Planner 5D is the best way to start your renovations or even build it from the ground up.


How To Create A Perfect Design

You can design flawless garage plans with minimum effort. In many ways, Planner 5D even feels like an illustration program rather than interior design software because of its simplicity. That said, you can still create fairly complex results and take full advantage of the format painter and object distribution tools.


Start your project by drawing lines and placing objects like walls and windows. This will help you mark the specific details in your layout. You can choose between drawn-from-scratch or templated garage floor plans, where the first one provides full creativity, and the other one gives you lots of inspirational ideas.


Depending on what you're going to use the garage for, you will fill it differently. Use our vast library of furnishings to pick just the right objects for the space.

Place and move them around until it resembles the garage you’re looking for.

Make A 3D Visual

Now comes the part that so many people underestimate. While 2D garage plans are undoubtedly important for construction, it doesn’t show how it’s actually going to look. Use our 3D tool to visualize how your future garage might look once it's finished and furnished.

Switch between 2D and 3D versions to make quick changes. When you're happy with your plan, export it to your computer and proceed to turn your ideas into reality.

Planner 5d Will Make It Easy And Fun

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel – our online garage designer gives you all the tools for a great design. Do you want to move to the garage door? A few clicks will make it happen. Would a workbench fit the garage corner perfectly? Drag-n-drop any new object right into your plan. Simply put, there is a lot you can achieve in mere moments.

For a garage design, there are many activities that come to mind. Obviously, there are the most common uses.

However, there are many more ideas if you see things outside the box. In fact, garage plans are interesting, versatile spaces, and they can be transformed into whatever you want them to be.

Planner 5D offers you all different kinds of furniture items to add to the interior. It covers the essentials as well as some fun entertainment objects. In addition to including all kinds of items into your creations, you can change their colors, sizes, and textures. Play around with floors, stone, and paint to make the project realistic and beautiful to look at.

Garage Use Cases

Draw Your Plan And Make It 3D

Quickly sketch a 2D plan to get the first glimpse of your project layout. However, it might be difficult to visualize the space with just that.

You can transform the plan into a detailed 3D view to bring your project to life. It doesn’t require you to have visualization knowledge or previous experience.


What our users say about us?

This program is very good because it helps you create your own 3d model of an architectural project.


I like this app so much! You have got so many choices to pick from(for room decoration and other stuff)


The app is easy to use. Even a newbie can come up with nice designs. It’s very stable and rarely crashes.



Are you interested in learning more? Here is what you should know about our software for garage plans.

How Do You Make a Good Garage Design?

The garage needs to have enough space not only for parking but also easily opening car doors and perhaps some storage. When possible, add some natural light and remember to include all the utility.
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Is Garage Design Difficult?

Planner 5D offers a simple user interface, so you can certainly be on your way to designing an entire garage design within minutes.
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Can I Set Dimensions?

Yes, you can specify real-life dimensions to make sure the software displays everything as it will be in real life.
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Do I Need to Draw Items Myself?

No, there are numerous items available in our library. You simply need to drop it onto the workspace and place it where you want.
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Can I Use Planner 5D on My Phone?

Yes, there is a mobile app available on Google Play and App Store.
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Have any more questions? Don't hesitate.

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