Garage Storage Ideas to Maximize Your Space

Reclaim your garage space with these handy organization tips and ideas.

A well-organized garage can make you life easier
Garage storage ideas | David Papazian on Shutterstock

In the past, the garage was just a place to park your car. Now, it's become so much more. The garage has become a workshop, a playroom and a storage space for all those things we can't seem to find a home for inside the house. As a result, garage storage has become a hot topic, and people are always looking for new ideas to maximize their space.

Fortunately, there are plenty of garage storage ideas. With a little creativity, you can find a solution that works for you. We've put together a list of the best garage organization ideas to maximize your garage storage space and help you organize all the stuff you have lying around.

Garage sports equipment storage

The garage is a great place to store your sporting equipment, from soccer balls to camping gear. Putting it in the garage is a great solution to keeping it out of the way until you need to use it. Storing your sports equipment properly also ensures that it doesn’t get damaged and is ready to use when needed.

Balls, helmets and weights

When it comes to individual sporting items in different shapes and sizes, it might be challenging to figure out how to organize them. If you have a lot of sports equipment like balls, bats and weights, consider storing them on a designated shelving rack with metal shelves. Grouping related equipment vertically frees up the valuable floor space in your garage.

Various balls, bats and helmets stored on shelving racks
Store your sports equipment in one place | Gearstd on Shutterstock

Surfboards and paddle boats

Consider a wall-mounted stand-up surfboard rack to keep your boards out of the way and ensure they don’t get damaged. This rack is easy to install and keeps your boards from falling and getting damaged. It also makes it easier to access your boards when you need to use them and put them away when you’re done.

three paddle boards held up by a wall storage rack
Organize your boards | Evgeniya Hook Media on Shutterstock

Kayak storage organization ideas

There is no shortage of ideas for storing a kayak or several of them. However, if you only have one or two, you can easily find a space for them in your garage. One of the best ways to store kayaks is to utilize unused garage space.

An old kayak suspended from the celing by chains
Suspend your kayak from the ceiling | mario jacobo on Shutterstock

You can install a simple pulley system and hang your kayak in the unused garage ceiling space. Utilizing vertical space is a great way to store off-season gear and free up floor space.

A red kayak mounted to the wall in a garage
Secure your kayak off the floor | Samuel Lehman on Shutterstock

Another perfect solution to store your kayak is installing a wall-mounted rack or a sling. Make sure you drill the holes in the wall studs, and the system can support the weight of your kayak. This keeps your kayak secured and off the floor, meaning you have plenty of space to move around without having to move it.

Garage boat storage

If you have a small boat and a garage big enough, you can easily store it inside. If you have enough outdoor space, consider building a garage structure that you can use for boat storage. When the boat is in use, you can use it to store other items and equipment.

 A DIY shed for boar storage
Create a garage boat storage | frantic00 on Shutterstock

Life jackets and vests

Avid outdoor enthusiasts know that there is much more to consider when organizing all your sports equipment. Things like life vests for boating and safety vests for outdoor activities can take up a lot of space, and you don’t want to store them in your bedroom closet. If you have several jackets and vests, install a rod just like in a closet. You can hang all the outdoor jackets and vests on hangers. This will not only keep them organized, but it will also help with drying and airing out.

Colorful vests on hangers on a rod in a garge
Organize your vests with a rod and hangers | melissamn on Shutterstock

Garage bicycle storage ideas

One of the best things about biking is that it doesn't require a lot of equipment. However, you'll need to be a bit creative when storing your bike in a garage. Here are some garage storage ideas for your bike.

Hanging your bike from the ceiling is a great option if your garage has limited floor space. You can buy special hooks that are designed for holding bikes, or you can use a standard rope or chain. Just be sure that your bike is secure before you ride off.

A white bike haniging on a wall hook
Attach your bike with a wall hook | WichitS on Shutterstock

Secure your bike with a wall mount. This is another space-saving option if you have an empty wall. You can also use a bungee cord and hook it around your bike's frame to keep it in place.

Bikes attached to a wall on a bike rack
Bike racks are a great solution for bike storage | pkajak201 on Shutterstock

Invest in a bike rack. Bike racks come in all shapes and sizes, so you're sure to find one that fits your garage. Some racks mount to the wall, others stand on the floor, and there are those that fold up when not in use. Choose the option that best suits your needs.

Golf bag garage storage

As any golfer knows, golf bags can be bulky and difficult to store. The garage is the perfect place to keep them. Hang your golf bags on a rack to keep them off the ground and make them easy to grab when you're ready to head to the course. You can also use hooks or brackets to mount a rack on your garage wall.

Another idea is to invest in a garage shelving unit to store your golf gear. This will provide a dedicated space for all your equipment, and you can even add labels to find what you need easily. If you don't want to buy a new unit, try repurposing an old bookshelf or cabinet.

Garage ski storage

A garage is a perfect place to store your skis. One of the easiest ways to store them is by using vertical or horizontal racks. You can mount them to the wall and prop the skis in the slots to keep them secure. This will protect them from the elements and keep them in good condition when not used.

Wall mounted wooden ski rack
Skis on a wall-mounted rack | Gorloff-KV on Shutterstock

Garge fish tackle storage

Any garage can quickly become cluttered and unorganized. This is especially true for those who love to fish, as tackle boxes, rods, and waders can take up a lot of space. To ensure your geat is organized, designate a specific area for fishing equipment. This can be a corner, shelving section, or a freestanding garage cabinet. Fishing tackle boxes are great for keeping lures and bait sorted and easy to grab, while you can use plastic bins can store hooks and other small items.

Roller blades and skates

Roller blades and skates can be a great way to exercise and have fun, but they can also be a pain to store. However, if you have a garage, you can use some creative garage storage ideas to keep them stored out of the way and organized. One option is to install hooks on the wall to hang your blades. The other is to store them in clear bins on shelves. This way, you can easily grab them when you need to and stow them away when you don't.

Skates and sporting eqipment stored in clear boxes
Clear boxes are great for storing all your belongings | Isaeva Studio on Shutterstock

Garage camping chair storage

Camping chairs are fairly easy to store when you’re not using them. Fold your chairs and wrap a strap around them to stay in place. You can keep them folded on a shelf or leaning against the wall or cabinet. Make sure to clean them before storing them, and remove any removable pieces such as armrests or headrests.

Best garage storage ideas for tools

The garage is a convenient place to store your tools. Whether you have a handful of them in a toolbox or a complete selection of tools for every occasion, you can find a perfect garage storage solution to deal with them.

Handy garage tool storage

Tools come in a variety of sizes and shapes, which can make them challenging to store. Consider getting a metal multi-storage tool cabinet with drawers and shelves that make it easy to store your tools and keep them organized. Cabinets with wheels make it easier to move around without walking back and forth whenever you need a different tool.

Large tool storage cabinet on wheels
Storage cabinets are great for getting your tools organized | Nattapat.J on Shutterstock

Garage workshop storage

A workshop is a great addition to any garage, especially when you like to tinker with different home improvement projects. Since a project area can get messy quickly, keeping your tools organized is important. Consider hanging tools and other loose items on pegboard panels to free up floor space. You can also install shelves or cabinets along one wall to store larger items. This setup also makes it easy to grab what you need when you need it.

Neatly orgnized tools by size on a pegboard
Neatly organize your tools with a peg board | NAUFAL ZAQUAN on Shutterstock

Garage workbench storage

A garage workbench is a great alternative if you have fewer tools and need a small area for occasional tinkering. Mony workbenches come with drawers and space for hooks and tool holders. You can also utilize the space for storing bins and boxes.

A wooden work bench with neatly organized tools and drawers
A workbench is a great storage solution | Gorloff-KV on Shutterstock

Garage power tool storage

The easiest way to store your power tools is to keep them in the cases they come in. You can keep these cases on shelves or in cupboards. Tools without cases can be stored in plastic bins or hung on hooks. Keep all the parts together and organize your tools by function.

Garage extension cord storage

Keep your ropes and extension cords organized and tangle-free by designating an area in your garage. You can hang them on hooks or nails on a wall or pegboard. If you have long extension cords, consider bundling them and storing them in clear bins. For smaller ones, consider wrapping them around a hanger or a similar type of hook.

Nuts, bolts and loose screws storage

If you find yourself with many loose screws, nuts and bolts, consider small hanging bins, glass jars or creative drawer solutions. You can use wooden slats or cardboard dividers to create individual compartments where you can store similar items. A drawer is also a good way to keep loose things out of sight and tidy.

A drawer with dividers for nails, screws, bolts and nuts
Organize lose nuts, bolts and nails | angellodeco on Shutterstock

Garage ladder storage

There are a few different ways to store ladders. One option is to hang them on the wall using hooks or brackets to save space. It also makes it easy to grab the ladder when you need it. Another option is to use a garage storage rack, which can provide you with a place to store all of your ladders in one place.

Ladders, plastic tanks and other itmes in a garage
Store your ladders in the garage | Gorloff-KV on Shutterstock

Tire garage storage

If you want to store tires in your garage, ensure they are not exposed to sunlight or extreme temperatures to avoid damage. You can store them on shelves or if you have the space, consider installing a hanging rack. This is a great way to keep them off the floor and out of the way.

Garage work bench with several tires lined up above
Store your tires overhead to free up space | Gorloff-KV on Shutterstock

Best garage storage ideas

The best thing about garages is that you can store pretty much anything in them. Here are some storage ideas for items you might not have considered storing in a garage.

Solutions for shoe storage in the garage

When it comes to shoes, storage is key, especially when you have a big family. Instead of keeping your shoes by the entryway, consider storing them in the garage. The most practical way to store your shoes is in boxes. This allows you to protect them from getting dirty and damaged. Consider using clear plastic bins so you can see what’s inside.

Hand holding clear storage boxes with shoes
The garage is a great place to store your shoes | Kostikova Natalia on Shutterstock

Another great way to store shoes in the garage is by lining them up on a shelf. You can install shelves along the wall or in the corners of the garage to take advantage of the unused space. Consider solid shelves for heels and shoes you’re not using, and install metal shelves for those you use frequently. This allows any mud or dirt grass on your shoes to dry.

Three wooden shelves lined wiht shoes
Line your shoes on shelves| A-photographyy on Shutterstock

You might also want to invest in a multilever shoe rack that can be placed near your garage entrance to allow for easy access. This keeps your shoes organized and off the floor, so there is no mess.

Two shelves of shoes in a cabinet
Keep your shoes neat and easy to reach | Fabio Alcini

Containers for toy storage

Consider storing your kids' toys in the garage. Storing them in plastic bins and containers is a great way to keep them organized and out of the way. Large doll houses, bikes and seasonal toys can be easily stored on shelves and organized. Make sure to label the boxes, so you know what’s in each box.

Colorful plastic bins filled with plastic blocks, balls and fake fruit
Use plastic bins for storage | VALERYIA LUSHCHYNSKAYA on Shutterstock

Garage organizer for laundry room storage

If you have a large garage space, you can easily create a space for your laundry. In addition to the washing machine and a dryer, you can add a counter for easy folding and shelves for cleaning supplies and laundry detergents.

Laundry area iwth overhead shelving for basktes, towels and ironing board
A well-organized laundry area | Robert Kneschke

Food storage ideas

Store your dry and non-perishable food items in your garage as an alternative to a pantry. Consider installing metal or wooden shelves to keep the jars and containers from falling and damaging. It’s also a great place to store canned food and accessories you don’t need daily.

Canned jars with food stuffs lined on shelves
Store your extra food items in the garage | Alhim on Shutterstock

Garage yard equipment storage

Storing your garden tools in the garage is a great alternative to a storage shed, or you can use it as an additional space for your tools. Not everyone has room for a shed, so a garage becomes the perfect storage solution.

Lawn mower garage storage

Lawnmowers can be bulky and difficult to store. If not stored properly, accessing them becomes a hassle. What can you do? Use the corner space in your garage to keep it out of the way. You can also tuck in under shelving or a workbench counter. This solution works especially well if your mower has a collapsible handle. This way, you maximize your space and utilize unused space.

Garage garden tool storage

Your garden tools come in different sizes and can be easily misplaced. Keeping them organized and tidy ensures you don’t have to spend a lot of time looking for them. The best way to organize your large tool is by installing a stand-up tool rack. Use the slats to separate the spades, rakes and shovels and keep them upright. This will allow the tools to dry and not get tangled.

Garden tolls lined up against the wall
Organize your garden tools | pryzmat on Shutterstock

Another great way to keep your gardening equipment sorted is by attaching hooks or nails to the wall or a pegboard. This is a great way to keep your tools organized and off the floor. Plus, they are easy to reach when you need them.

Small gardening tools haning on the wall
Garage tools solutions | CGN089 on Shutterstock

Create a customized garden tool organizer by repurposing old pallets. Simply hang it on the wall, add a storage cubby and attach hooks and nails to store your trimmers, gardening forks, shovels, etc. You can easily rearrange them depending on what tools you want to hang.

White tool rack made of wooden pallets
Build your own tool rack | Tanapat Tong-U on Shutterstock

Garage firewood storage

You can easily store dry firewood in the garage. The best way to store it is by using a firewood rack, or you can build one yourself. Make sure to build a foundation that keeps the wood off the ground and use wooden beams to keep the stack from falling. You should always inspect your firewood for bugs before storage and stack them neatly to allow for air circulation.

Piles of wood stacked neatly against a garage wall
Stack your firewood in piles | Scharfsinn on Shutterstock

Garage wooden plank storage

Keep your garage tidy by storing loose wooden planks, boards and panels on the wall with wall-mounted storage racks. Your storage rack should be strong enough to withhold the planks' weight without damaging them. Keep your wood dry and lay it out evenly to prevent warping and water damage.

Wooden planks neatly piled on shelves
Organize your wooden planks | JueWorn on Shutterstock

Garage overhead storage

One of the most underutilized spaces in the garage is overhead storage. Even if your garage doesn't have a high ceiling, you can utilize it to store items and keep them off the floor. This is an easy solution to storage space challenges and storing items that are otherwise challenging to stow.

Garage ceiling storage

Storing things by attaching them to your garage ceiling is easy and convenient. One way to do this is by using hooks to suspend large objects like bicycles in place and keep them off the ground. Use appropriate hooks that can withstand the weight of your bikes or other items you choose to hang.

Bikes haning suspended from the celing
Hang your bikes off the ceiling | melissamn on Shutterstock

Another useful way to store things attached to your ceiling is by using wooden frames, pulleys or cords. This method works well for larger objects such as luggage or boxes you can’t secure with hooks.

Wooden frames hanging on a pulley from the ceiling
Move things off the ground | Red Herring on Shutterstock

Garage attic storage

If your garage comes with an attic, don't be afraid to use it for extra storage. This can include holiday decorations, boxes and other stuff you can't part with but can't find a room for in the house. If you decide to turn the unused space in your garage for overhead storage, keep in mind that you need to determine your roof's weight capacity and ensure that the trusses can support the additional weight.

Man inspecting garage attic
Use your attic for extra garage storage | The Toidi on Shutterstock

Wall storage ideas for garages

Using the walls in your garage is the most practical way to store things and keep them organized. Here are the most popular storage ideas for your walls.

Garage shelving

Shelving is the easiest and most versatile way to store anything in your garage. Shelves come in three different categories, including wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted and freestanding. You can easily mount them at different levels and use as many or as few as needed.

Wooden shelving units with different furniture in custom workroom.
Shelves are a great storage solution for every garage | BY-_-BY on Shutterstock

Garage storage cabinets

Storage cabinets are a great alternative to shelves and can be used when attaching shelves to walls if not feasible. Cabinets also come in different sizes and styles, making them versatile and easy to use.

Garage storage rack

Storage racks are a great garage organization staple as they make use of any space. You can easily double the storage space in your garage by taking advantage of vertical space. Use hanging racks to store items such as bikes, kayaks, and fishing gear.

Build your own storage racks | JoshRafG on Shutterstock

Homemade DIY storage ideas

Garage organization doesn't have to be expensive. While shelving, cabinets and racks come in all varieties and budgets, they can still cost money. There are many ways to DIY effective storage solutions, even if you're on a budget.

Storage spaces with hooks

Create your own storage racks by attaching a wooden plank to the wall and hammering in nails to act as hooks. This is a great option for keeping all your tools organized and can be adapted to any space.  

Garage corner shelf

Build custom corner shelves in the corner of your garage using leftover plywood or wooden boards. You can install them between existing studs and use small cleats for support. This solution is great for smaller items like spray paint cans, glues, car wash and window washer fluid.

DIY racks

Another easy way to create a custom rack is by using some 2x4s. You can easily stack and overlap them to create a lip that allows bins and garbage cans to slide into them. This holds the bins in place without needing an expensive storage system. It also helps to keep your garage floor clear.


Pegboards are fairly inexpensive, versatile and easy to install. You can easily attach hooks or install small bins and baskets to store smaller items.

Close up on clips stored inside a clear box hanging from peg board
Pegboards are versatile and affordable storage solution | B Lamb on Shutterstock

PVC pipe

There are many useful uses for PVC pipes in your garage. Cut your pipe into smaller pieces and slide them over hooks on your pegboards. You now have storage for small items like files, pencils, zip ties and more. Attach it to the wall and run your extension cords through the tube to keep them organized.


How can I organize my garage cheaply?

One of the cheapest ways to organize your garage is to invest in clear plastic storage bins so you see what's inside without having to search through a bunch of boxes. To keep things tidy, use hooks and hangers to get items off the floor. This can free up a lot of space and make it easier to sweep and clean. Finally, consider labeling everything so you know where everything goes.

How do I start to declutter my garage?

Most people have too much stuff in their garage. The first step is to go through everything and decide what you use and need and what can be thrown away or donated. Once you have eliminated the unnecessary items, you can start thinking about organizing.

What are the 5 steps to organizing a garage?

Get your garage organized with five simple steps. 1. The first step is to clear everything out of the garage. 2. Now that everything is out in the open, you can start sorting through everything. 3. Create a storage plan. 4. Put everything in its place. 5. Keep your garage organized by maintaining it regularly.

How do I maximize my garage storage space?

The best way to maximize storage in your garage is by getting rid of unnecessary items and installing smart storage solutions that take advantage of all available space and keep your things organized. Practical garage organization ideas include shelves, racks and cabinets to get items off the floor and free up space.

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