50 Luxury Modern Kitchen Design Ideas

Looking for luxurious kitchen ideas? Then this post if for you.

Modern Updated Beautiful Kitchen Design
Luxury kitchen ideas | C Woods Photography on Shutterstock

Let's face it, the kitchen is the heart of the home. It's where you cook, entertain and gather as a family. As people spend in the kitchens, they want to turn them into more luxurious spaces. Whether you're looking for ways to add a touch of luxury to your own kitchen or are in the market for a complete renovation, there are plenty of options. In this post, we share luxury kitchen ideas to suit every taste to help you get started.

1. Crisp white cabinetry and countertops

Installing crisp white cabinetry and countertops is one of the best ways to add a touch of luxury to your kitchen. White cabinets provide a clean, fresh look that can make even the most modest kitchen feel bright and spacious. Countertops made from white granite or marble add beauty and function, providing a durable surface that resists scratches and stains.

A modern trendy snow white kitchen in minimalistic style with island and two bar stools
Go for an all-white kitchen | Pinkystock on Shutterstock

2. Stainless-steel accents

Stainless steel is a timeless material that adds a touch of elegance to any space. It also has the added benefit of being easy to clean and maintain. When choosing stainless-steel accents for your kitchen, consider items like faucets, appliances, and light fixtures. You can also find stainless-steel backsplashes and countertops. Adding just a few stainless-steel accents allows you to create a luxury kitchen that your friends will envy.

White kitchen with wood floors, stainless steel appliances and an island
Luxurious white kitchen with stainless steel accents | Justin_Krug on Shutterstock

3. Bright and white

Luxurious kitchens tend to be spacious and bright. This can be achieved with light cabinetry, flooring and lights. White, in particular, is a clean and fresh color that instantly makes any room feel more luxurious. When using bright colors, be sure to use them in moderation. Too much brightness can overwhelm the space and make it feel small. When using white, make sure it complements the other colors in the room.

spacious and bright kitchen
Bright and white add luxury to your kitchen | Xi Bai on Shutterstock

4. Incorporate warm wood elements

Wood is a material that immediately adds warmth and sophistication to any space, making it the perfect way to give your kitchen an upscale feel. Wood cabinets can be stained in a rich hue to create a luxurious look. Adding wood floors or accents will also help to create a warm and inviting space. If you want to take things a step further, consider adding wooden beams to the ceiling. These details will give your kitchen an elegant and sophisticated feel.

marble and wood kitchen combo
Go for wood cabinetry to add warmth | Justin_Krug on Shutterstock

5. Add touches of industrial style

Adding industrial elements to your kitchen is a great way to create a modern yet luxurious look. Exposed brick walls, metal finishes, and concrete countertops can all add a touch of industrial chic. However, use these elements sparingly, as too much metal or concrete can make a kitchen feel cold and sterile. Instead, focus on creating a balance between rugged and refined.

add industrial style to your kitchen
Go for industrial touches in your kitchen | Pinkystock on Shutterstock

6. Gleaming gold surfaces

Gold has a timeless elegance that adds a touch of luxury to any space. You can add gold accents to cabinets and appliances or incorporate them into your kitchen as a backsplash or countertop material. If you are on a budget, you may want to consider using gold paint or wallpaper to create a luxury look in your kitchen.

A luxurious white and blue kitchen with gold hardware
Add gold for an instant luxury | Hendrickson Photography on Shutterstock

7. Combine sleek stone with rich wood

When it comes to luxury kitchens, there's nothing quite like the classic combination of sleek stone and rich wood. Stone countertops and backsplashes provide a luxurious look, while wood cabinetry adds warmth and sophistication. The key to pulling off this look is to use high-quality materials and carefully consider each element's proportions.

Luxury kitchen with dark cabinets, island with grantite counter and dark chairs
Combine rich woods with stone for instant luxury | Ambient Ideas on Shutterstock

8. Go all out with stainless steel from top to bottom

It's no secret that stainless steel appliances are a staple in luxury kitchens. But did you know that you can take your kitchen to the next level by incorporating stainless steel into every aspect of the design? From countertops and backsplashes to range hoods, appliances and fixtures, stainless steel is a great material for a high-end look.

Luxury kitchen with stainless steel appliances and island
Go got stainless steel luxury | pics721 on Shutterstock

9. Glossy white surfaces

If you're looking for a luxury kitchen, one of the easiest ways to achieve the look is through glossy white surfaces. High-gloss cabinets and countertops reflect light, giving the illusion of more space. They also create a sleek, modern look that is perfect for luxury kitchens. Pair glossy white surfaces with neutral colors like black or grey for a clean and elegant effect.

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10. Add eye-catching brass hardware

Brass is a beautiful metal with a warm, golden color that is perfect for creating an elegant kitchen. Consider pairing brass with white or warm-colored cabinets. Use brass light figures, faucets and cabinet hardware or accessories to give your kitchen an extra boost of luxury.

Contemporary brass kitchen sink in gold color
Go for a contemporary brass sink | KelaVi on Shutterstock

11. Pops of turquoise

Turquoise is a beautiful, eye-catching color that can instantly make any space feel more refined. Whether you use it on your countertops, backsplash, or cabinets, a few strategically placed pieces of turquoise can go a long way in creating a luxury kitchen. If you're unsure where to start, try adding turquoise accents to your dinnerware or cookware.

add turqoise for a touch of luxury and sophistication
Turquoise is a cheerful color that can brighten up your kitchen | Ground Picture on Shutterstock

12. Use a mix of rustic and mid-century

The mid-century and rustic styles are not only popular, but they also are great options for high-end kitchens. Start by choosing a mid-century cabinet style with clean lines and flush hardware. Then, add rustic touches like a farmhouse sink or reclaimed wood countertops. Finally, complete the look with luxe touches like marble backsplashes or brass fixtures.

Mid-century modern kitchen with custom wood cabinets and blue accents.
Go for a mid-century kitchen | David Papazian on Shutterstock

13. Incorporate different types of marble

There are many types of marble, each with unique veining and coloration. Mix and match different types of marble to create a stunning visual effect. For example, use white Carrara marble for the countertops and backsplash, then add black Marquina marble for the flooring. Add accents of green malachite or pink rose quartz to complete the look.

Luxury kitchen with marble and granite
Mix different stones like marble and granite | miroha141 on Shutterstock

14. Use a mix of materials

A luxury kitchen is more than just granite countertops and stainless steel appliances. It's a space that should reflect your unique style and personality. One way to create a luxury kitchen is to mix and match different materials. For example, you could pair a wooden countertop with marble floor tiles. Or, you could use glass cabinet doors to add a touch of elegance.

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15. Install sculptural lighting

Sculptural lighting comes in many forms, from hanging pendant lights to chandeliers in various materials, including glass, metal and even crystal. No matter what style you choose, sculptural lighting will add an element of elegance and luxury to your kitchen. Plus, it can help to create a warm and inviting ambiance.

Modern luxury kitchen design with island.
Elevate your kitchen with sculptural lights | C Woods Photography on Shutterstock

16. Create a large seating area

A luxury kitchen isn't complete without a large, comfortable seating area. After all, what's the point of having a beautiful space if you can't enjoy it with friends and family? A spacious island is a perfect place to gather for conversation and cocktails. It also provides a convenient spot for prep work and dining. Consider a banquette or a small table and chairs if you're short on space.

17. Go for large windows

Large windows are the perfect way to bring the outdoors in and make your kitchen feel more spacious. If you're lucky enough to have a stunning view, make the most of it by installing large, floor-to-ceiling windows. You'll always enjoy the natural light and fresh air as you admire the views.

Open kitchen concept in a nice modern home.
Brighten up your kitchen with large windows | David Papazian on Shutterstock

18. Opt for matte finishes

Matte finishes are unique because they have a soft, velvety texture that creates an element of refinement. They also tend to be more forgiving than other finishes, conceal fingerprints and smudges and are easy to clean. You can use matte finishings on countertops, backsplashes, cabinets and appliances.

19. Choose muted hues

Muted colors have an elegant quality that can make any space feel more refined. They are perfect for those who want to make a statement without being too over-the-top. When used correctly, muted hues can transform your kitchen into a true showpiece.

Kitchen with waterfall island, stainless steel appliances, pendant lights, and hardwood floors
Go for a statement kitchen without going overboard | Justin_Krug on Shutterstock

20. Go for simple and sleek

One of the simplest ways to create a luxurious look in your kitchen is to go for a sleek and minimalist aesthetic. This can be achieved by using clean lines and subtle details. For instance, opt for cabinetry with simple hardware or go for a backsplash that makes a statement without being too busy.

simple and sleek kitchen
Opt for simplicity in your kitchen | H_Ko on Shutterstock

21. Add streamlined storage

You can create a sleek and sophisticated look by decluttering your countertops and minimizing the number of small appliances on display. Hidden storage options like cabinets with sliding doors or under-cabinet drawers can help to further reduce the appearance of clutter.

22. Modern minimalism

By decluttering the space and focusing on clean lines and simple shapes, minimalism brings a sense of luxury and sophistication to even the most modest kitchens. And because minimalism is all about making the most of what you have, it's also a sustainable way to design a luxury kitchen.

Beautiful Grey Modern Kitchen in a Luxury Apartment with Stainless Steel Appliances
Modern minimalism for the win | Gabi Moisa on Shutterstock

23. Opt for colorful lacquer finishes

A colorful lacquer finish can make your cabinets and other surfaces pop and make your kitchen stand out. Lacquer is also very durable, so you can be sure that your investment will last for years to come. Plus, it's easy to clean and maintain, so you'll always have a kitchen that looks its best.

red kitchen cabinets in island bench in modern luxury Australian home
Add a pop of color with red cabinets | Jodie Johnson on Shutterstock

24. Add cozy oak paneling

Adding cozy oak paneling to your kitchen creates an instant feeling of luxury. The rich, warm tones of the wood add sophistication and elegance to any space. At the same time, the natural grain pattern creates a unique visual interest. The paneling also helps to create a cozier atmosphere in the kitchen, making it more inviting and comfortable.

25. Create a modern breakfast area

A dedicated space for enjoying your morning meal can make your kitchen feel more welcoming and luxurious. This can be as simple as adding a sleek breakfast table and chairs, or you can go all out and install a built-in banquette. You can further add to the luxury by adding some stylish tableware and decorations.

A breakfast nook with bench seating and a hardwood table built into the house.
Add a breakfast nook to your kitchen | Hendrickson Photography on Shutterstock

26. Install a vibrant mosaic backsplash

Mosaic backsplashes made with colorful tiles are a luxurious addition to any kitchen. As mosaic tiles are available in a wide range of colors and patterns, you can create a truly unique look. Opt for a custom-designed backsplash that compliments your kitchen's overall style to add originality to your kitchen.

Beautiful luxury home kitchen with white cabinets.
A mosaic can add luxury to your kitchen | Fotoluminate LLC on Shutterstock

27. Choose vintage light fixtures

Whether opting for an antique chandelier or a more understated pendant light, vintage lights can add instant glamour to your kitchen. Vintage lighting fixtures can be found in many styles, ranging from the early-1900s to Art Deco and mid-century modern. No matter what your preferred style may be, there is a vintage lighting fixture that will perfectly suit your luxury kitchen.

Luxury kitchen with crystal chanderliers
Add pizzazz with vintage light fixtures | C Woods Photography on Shutterstock

28. Create ample counter space

Most luxury kitchens have one thing in common: ample counter space.  Having plenty of room to prep, cook and serve makes the whole experience more enjoyable.  And, let's be honest, it's a great luxury.  Creating ample counter space is a great place to start if you want to add a touch of luxury to your kitchen.

29. Introduce a two-tone color combination

Two-tone color schemes are not only beautiful, but they also help to create an illusion of space. Choose two colors that are either complementary or contrasting. For a more traditional look, choose colors in the same family, such as cream and white. Try a contrasting color scheme, such as black and white, for a more modern look.

Black & white minimalistic kitchen with wood details. concrete floor, white island
Go for contrasting colors for visual impact | Kristof Gregoire on Shutterstock

30. Go for natural materials

Natural materials are comfortable, easy to maintain and feel great to the touch. Adding stone, wood, bamboo or cork to your kitchen is a great way to create a sophisticated aesthetic that’s also inviting and warm. These eco-friendly materials will elevate your kitchen and add value to your home.

31. Add a hidden pantry

Hidden pantries are a popular trend in luxury kitchens because they provide extra storage without sacrificing style. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, hidden pantries can help keep your kitchen organized and clutter-free.

Modern white kitchen with a walk-in pantry
A pantry can add a luxurious touch to your kitchen | Artazum on Shutterstock

32. Focus on the details

Adding a few simple touches can make a big difference in your kitchen's overall look and feel. Something as simple as upgrading your cabinet hardware, adding an elegant light fixture or a new faucet can give the space a more luxurious feel.

33. Elevate your backsplash with a modern metal finish

Metal backsplashes are sleek and contemporary and come in various colors and styles to suit any taste. They are a perfect solution for elevating your kitchen's style. Consider a backsplash made of stainless steel or copper for a truly luxurious look. Opt for a metal backsplash with a brushed finish if you prefer a more subdued look.

modern metal backsplash finish
Go for metal backsplash | Hendrickson Photography on Shutterstock

34. L-shaped kitchen with contrasting white and dark cabinetry

White cabinets are a classic choice for luxury kitchens, but they can sometimes feel too sterile. Dark cabinets add depth and drama, creating a luxurious feel. Plus, they can help to make your kitchen appear larger and more spacious. Choose a mix of both to add more visual interest and flair.

L-shaped kitchen
Luxurious kitchen ideas | Cinematographer on Shutterstock

35. Suspend chandeliers from coffered ceiling

Chandeliers add a touch of elegance and sophistication that is hard to achieve with standard light fixtures. They also help to create the illusion of more space by drawing the eye upward. If you have a coffered ceiling, suspending your chandeliers from the beams can add even more depth and dimension to your kitchen.

kitchen chadeliers
Coffered ceilings | Hendrickson Photography on Shutterstock

36. Rustic meets glam

Blending rustic style with glam is a great choice for creating a rich, unique look. Exposed wood beams, stone walls and floors, and wrought iron fixtures all add to the rustic feel, while gleaming marble countertops, stainless steel appliances, and elaborately carved cabinets bring a sense of luxury.

37. Two islands solution for a massive kitchen space

If you have a large kitchen, consider having two kitchen islands. It's a great way to add more counter and storage space and seating space without overwhelming the room. Two kitchen islands will also make your kitchen look more luxurious and expensive.

kitchen with two islands
Two islands are better than one | Justin_Krug on Shutterstock 

38. Go all-out rustic in the kitchen

Create your one luxurious kitchen with rustic decor. Use brick, stone and wood throughout and pair it with high-end appliances. Consider a large island with an oversized range hood and a wood-burning pizza oven to complete the look.

rustic kitchen desing
Rustic kitchen | Artazum on Shutterstock

39. White transitional style contrasted with touches of black

This sleek and sophisticated look can be achieved using white cabinets and countertops with black accents such as light fixtures, hardware or appliances. Not only does this color palette create a stunning visual effect, but it also provides a versatile backdrop that can be easily customized to suit any taste.

40. Create an upscale kitchen with a dark palette and two Islands

A dark palette is a great way to create a sophisticated aesthetic in your kitchen. Start by painting the walls dark, like black or charcoal gray. Add two islands for an upscale look, one for prep and one for dining. Use light-colored countertops and backsplashes to contrast the darkness of the walls, and hang brass or chrome pendant lights above the islands.

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41. Go for an open-plan kitchen layout

By opening the space between your kitchen and dining room, you can create a sleek, streamlined look that feels both high-end and modern. An open-plan layout gives the area a light and airy feel while allowing you to flow seamlessly from cooking to entertaining. You can also incorporate other luxury features like an island with a sink or a built-in range.

open layout kitchen
Open floor plan adds airiness | Justin_Krug on Shutterstock

42. Dazzle with a red, modern kitchen

Red is a bold color that can make a statement. It also pairs well with other luxurious materials like marble and brass. A red kitchen could be the perfect way to make a statement if you love bold colors and modern design.

red kitchen cabinets
Make a statement with a red kitchen | Ramon grosso dolarea on Shutterstock

43. Classic white kitchen with black marble and wooden coffered ceiling

White is a classic choice for a kitchen, and when paired with black marble and coffered ceilings, it creates a sophisticated and stylish space. The contrast of the white cabinets and black countertops creates a stark yet chic look that is perfect for entertaining. The addition of the wooden coffered ceiling adds an extra level of luxury, making your kitchen feel like a high-end restaurant.

44. Kitchen island with an integrated wine cooler

A kitchen island is a perfect place for a built-in wine cooler. Having the wine cooler close to where you prep, serve and entertain is convenient and practical. It also adds a touch of sophistication and luxury to your kitchen.

Warm white kitchen with wine fridge in the island
Kitchen island with integrated wine cooler | Sheila Say on Shutterstock 

45. Wow with a built-in wine cooler wall

If you're a wine lover, consider installing a wine cooler wall with glass doors that will add a touch of luxury and impress your friends. Wine coolers come in all shapes and sizes, so you can easily find one that fits your space. For a truly luxurious look, opt for a built-in cooler that integrates seamlessly into your kitchen design. A freestanding unit can also be a great option if you're short on space.

wine cooler iwth wine bottles
A wine cooler is a must for every wine lover | myella on Shutterstock 

46. Create ample seating with a kitchen island

Kitchen islands add a lot of functionality that can elevate your space. Not only do they add extra storage, but they are also great for creating ample seating. Elevate your kitchen seating by adding high-end stools or chairs around the island.

kitchen with a seating area
Add seating with a kitchen island | Justin_Krug on Shutterstock 

47. Go for an all-marble kitchen island

Marble is a great material that exudes luxury. Instead of installing a marble counter, consider an all-out marble kitchen island. That will instantly create a visually appealing centerpiece in your kitchen and wow your guests. Go for a light color to create the illusion of more space or a dark one to create visual contrast.

48. Let a bespoke structural feature take center stage

Elevate your kitchen with a bespoke structural feature that will help your space stand out from the rest. This could be something as simple as a custom-designed hanging pot rack, a kitchen island, or something more elaborate like a custom chandelier or wooden beams on the ceilings.

go for a bespoke kitchen design element
Wooden beams | Justin_Krug on Shutterstock

49. Think practical with a double kitchen sink

Double sinks also make it easy to multitask in the kitchen, as you can wash dishes in one sink while someone else uses the other sink to prep food. In addition, double sinks can help to create a more luxurious feel in the kitchen by making it appear more spacious and well-equipped.

double kitchen sink
Double sinks for the win | JR-stock on Shutterstock

50. Create luxury with a Scandinavian-style design

Scandinavian kitchens are known for their clean lines, simple shapes and functional design. They also often incorporate natural materials like wood and stone, which can help to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Moreover, Scandinavian kitchens are typically very bright, thanks to their large windows. This can help to make our kitchen feel more spacious and open.

Scandinavian kitchen
Modern Scandinavian kitchen | PV productions on Shutterstock


A luxury kitchen is a wonderful way to show off your style and taste. If you're thinking about designing your own luxury kitchen or planning a kitchen makeover, Planner 5D is a great tool to use. You can easily create the kitchen of your dreams with Planner 5D's user-friendly interface and preview your design in immersive 3D.

Once you have an idea of how you'd like to design your kitchen or if you need some help, consider hiring an architect or kitchen designer to give you a hand.

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How to design a kitchen?

To design a kitchen, begin by assessing the available space and understanding your needs and preferences. Use a kitchen design tool to experiment with layouts, choose cabinets, appliances, and finishes, and ensure a functional and aesthetically pleasing design. Finally, pay attention to lighting, storage solutions, and the overall flow to create a well-designed and efficient kitchen space.

What Makes a Kitchen Look Luxurious?

Luxury kitchens tend to be large and spacious, with plenty of room to move around. They often have high-end appliances, fixtures, custom cabinets, and countertops. Lighting is also important in creating a luxurious feel, and many contemporary kitchens have skylights or recessed lighting.

What Is an Ultra-Modern Kitchen?

An ultra-modern kitchen is a contemporary kitchen that incorporates the latest in kitchen design and technology. Ultra-modern kitchens are usually outfitted with high-end appliances, custom cabinetry, and marble or granite countertops. They typically have an open layout with a large island or peninsula, perfect for entertaining guests.

What Should Be in a Luxury Kitchen?

A luxury kitchen should have plenty of counter space for preparing meals and be well-equipped with high-quality materials and appliances. The layout should be designed for both form and function, with plenty of storage.

How Do I Add Luxury to My Kitchen?

A luxury kitchen should be a reflection of your style and taste. It should be a functional and beautiful space where you can cook, entertain and enjoy the company of family and friends. Opt for natural materials like stone and wood, which are often used in luxury kitchens to add an air of elegance and sophistication.

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