Simple Bathroom Design Ideas

Simple doesn't mean boring or small. Here are a few practical and simple design ideas for your next bathroom project.

Modern bathroom design ideas
Simple bathroom design ideas | JR-stock on Shutterstock

Bathroom design doesn't have to be complicated. Sometimes, the simplest designs are the most effective and attractive. If you're looking for some inspiration for your next bathroom update or renovation, look no further. In this post, we cover some simple bathroom design ideas that are sure to elevate your space.

Tips for creating a simple bathroom aesthetic that works

If having a bathroom where you can relax and unwind is on your to-do list, then going for the less-is-more look guarantees that your bathroom will also look clean and comfortable.

Go for clean lines and minimal aesthetic

Choose fixtures and finishes with clean lines when going for a simple design. Avoid anything too fussy or ornate. Instead, opt for simplicity. This will give your bathroom a modern and spacious feel.

Large modern bathroom with luxury fittings.
Go for neutral colors | Volurol on Shutterstock

Use neutral colors

Another way to keep things simple is to stick to neutral colors. This doesn't mean your bathroom has to be boring, though. You can still have personality and warmth in your space by incorporating interesting textures and patterns with neutrals as your base.

Modern simple bathroom design in neutral palette
Go neutral | Procreators/Shutterstock

Incorporate natural elements

Incorporating natural elements is a great way to add interest and personality to a space. This could be anything from using stone or wood accents to adding plants or flowers. Not only will this give your bathroom a more organic feel, but it can also help to create a calming and relaxing atmosphere—perfect for winding down at the end of a long day.

modern bathroom desing ideas
Go for natural materials | NeonShot on Shutterstock

Simple small bathroom design ideas that work

Small bathrooms can get messy and cluttered very easily. Just because it's small, it doesn't mean that you can't give it that simple bathroom interior design vibe you see in magazines. With some creative design ideas, you can transform your small bathroom into a functional space you can enjoy.

Go minimalistic

Minimalist spaces are renowned for clean lines, neutral colors and no-fuss decor. Removing clutter and unnecessary items is a simple design trick to make your small bathroom appear larger.

Modern bathroom ideas
Opt for a minimalistic look | Ground Picture on Shutterstock

Large mirrors

Adding a large mirror is a great way to create the illusion of space. This works well in small areas like bathrooms. Mirrors reflect light and add depth that makes the room appear larger. You can even extend the mirror to the length of your cabinet for a more dramatic effect.

mordern bathroom with extra large mirror
Large mirrors create a more dramatic effect | Justin_Krug/Shutterstock

Glass shower doors

Skip the shower curtain and opt for a glass door or a partition. It will open up your bathroom space and add a modern and sophisticated vibe to your bathroom. Glass is great for keeping things bright and airy. It will also make your bathroom look less cluttered.

white modern bathroom design with gold accents
Opt for large shower doors in glass | Shawn Goldberg on Shutterstock

Upgrade your cabinets

Outdated, bulky cabinets can make your bathroom look dated and crowded. Switch them up for simple ones with clean lines and modern design. Go for handless cabinets that will make your bathroom look modern and uncluttered.

Upgrade your bathroom cabinets
Go for handleless cabinets | New Africa/Shutterstock

Add a skylight

Small bathrooms often lack natural light, making them appear dark and cold. When a window is not a viable option, consider installing a skylight to add light and uniqueness to your bathroom. This simple design trick is a great way to illuminate your bathroom without losing wall space.

Spacious modern bathroom with glass shower
A skylight can add airiness and light | Artazum on Shutterstock

Go vertical

Hang your artwork and mirrors, taking advantage of your vertical space. Drawing the eye upwards is a great way to make a room look larger than it is. Also, tile up to the ceiling to create the illusion of a larger space. You can even use the same principle when laying your tiles by placing them vertically instead of horizontally.

moder hotel style bathroom
Draw the eye up with tiles | NavinTar on Shutterstock

Modern simple bathroom design ideas

Modern bathrooms are associated with simplicity and functionality. You can easily make your bathroom look and feel less crowded and more luxurious with a few of modern bathroom ideas and simple design tips.

Open shelving

Open shelving is a great way to achieve a simple, modern aesthetic in the bathroom. By using shelves instead of cabinets, you can create a more open and airy feel in the space. Go for floating shelves to give the illusion of more space. Open shelving is also an opportunity to show off your unique style.

dark bathroom ideas
Don't be afraid to use open shelving in your bathroom | Ground Picture on Shutterstock

Upgrade your light fixtures

Upgrading your light fixtures is a simple design idea that can have a big impact. New light fixtures can add a touch of luxury, brighten up a dark room, or update a dated space. Choose flush-mount or recessed lighting for a modern, fresh look.

dark bathroom cabinets
Add modern light fixtures | Justin_Krug on Shutterstock

Go for a large rainfall showerhead

Install a large rainfall showerhead for an instant bathroom facelift. Not only does this make your bathroom feel luxurious, but it also provides a spa-like showering experience right at home. And best of all, it's a relatively inexpensive design idea that is easy to implement.

simple, modern bathroom design
Splurge on a large rainfall showerhead | Dariusz Jarzabek on Shutterstock

Monochrome color scheme

A monochrome color scheme is a great way to achieve a simple, elegant look in your bathroom. By using a limited palette of colors for the walls, floor and fixtures, you can create a clean and sophisticated space that feels tranquil and serene.

simple modern bathroom with monochrome palette
Monochrome doesn't have to be boring | Ground Picture on Shutterstock

Maximize storage

Storage is a great way to make your bathroom look less cluttered and more luxurious. Utilize cabinet drawers and cupboards, hang shelves and use baskets to store items and keep them out of the way. This will make things easier to find and make your bathroom tidier.

bathroom storage ideas
Get creative with storage | WichitS on Shutterstock

Rich metallic accents

Take your modern bathroom to the next level by incorporating metallic accents. From faucets and fixtures to lighting and hardware, there are many ways to incorporate metals into your space. For a touch of luxury, try using gold or brass fixtures. These warm-toned metals will instantly add an elegant feel to your bathroom. Silver is also a great option for creating a sophisticated space. For a bolder look, try incorporating copper or bronze into your design.

add glam to your bathroom with gold accents
Add luxury with simple metallic accents | Lungkit on Shutterstock

Bathroom with dressing room design

Incorporating your closet or dressing area into the bathroom is a great way to utilize existing space and add functionality to your daily routine.

Merge with a walk-in closet

If you have the space, consider merging your walk-in closet with your bathroom. This design will make it easier to get ready and gives you additional space to store your bathroom essentials like towels and bedding for you bedroom.

bathroom with walk-in closet
Merge your bathroom with your closet | Image Supply/Shutterstock

Add a sitting area

Not enough room for a whole closet? Add a small bench or a chair with a counter that you can use to lay out your clothes and get ready. This setup is especially useful for getting your hair and makeup done.

bathroom with built-in bench
Add a chair | Not enough room for a whole closet | Sheila Say/Shutterstock

Simple small hotel bathroom design

Hotel bathrooms are generally very simple and to the point. You won't find a lot of unnecessary items or wasted space. Whether it's a luxurious hotel bath or a simple one, the theme is always the same. You can easily recreate that look at home.  

Dark bathroom ideas

Dark bathrooms can add a lot of drama and flair to your home. Add some sophistication and uniqueness by using dark tiles, cabinets and mirrors to contrast with the white tub and sink. It's a look that's bound to stir a conversation.

dark bathroom design with white tub and sink
Dark bathroom ideas | Ground Picture/Shutterstock

Add a heated towel rack

Many European hotel bathrooms have heated towel racks that make it easy and convenient to dry your towels. You can also warm your towel, so it's nice and cozy when you step out of the bath or shower.

bathroom with freestanding tub and heated tower rack
Add a heated towel rack | J.Croese/Shutterstock

Upgrade your toiletries

To add that luxurious hotel feel to your home, switch your toiletries from their original packaging to something more luxurious. Clear glass jars, decorative bottles and containers without labels are great alternatives. Organize them on a tray by the sink for that hotel vibe.

toiletries in pretty bottles
Make it feel like a hotel bathroom | New Africa/Shutterstock

Simple clean bathroom design

A minimalistic aesthetic is key to achieving that clean bathroom design.  By eliminating clutter and unnecessary accessories, you automatically make your bathroom look more spacious and inviting. The fewer items you have taking up the space, the cleaner your bathroom will look.

Reduce visual noise

Bright and airy bathrooms automatically look bigger and cleaner. Remove unnecessary items and opt for tile grout that closely matches the tile. Contrasting grout lines create visual appeal, but they also tend to make more visual clutter. Making your grout blend in will give you a sleek and clean aesthetic.

clean and fresh bathroom with natural light
Reduce visual noise | Diana Rui/Shutterstock

Go all-white

Monochromatic color schemes are the best way to make your bathroom look clean. Opt for an all-white look to make your bathroom look ultra-clean and sophisticated. Add a few natural accessories for a timeless combo that never goes out of style.

white bathroom with freestanding tub and shelves
Go for an all-white aesthetic | Pixel-Shot/Shutterstock

Add textures and warmth

If all-white seems too stark, go for rich, warm colors and textures. By layering the finishes and materials, you can achieve a simple and clean aesthetic that's also inviting and warm.

clean bathroom design
Add textures and warmth | Ground Picture/Shutterstock

Simple bathroom design without a tub

If you have an outdated bathtub or are simply not a fan of baths, consider removing it and replacing it with a shower. Removing the tub creates more space to let your imagination run wild and create a truly luxurious bathroom that fits your needs.

Install a bench in your shower

A shower bench can add both function and design to your bathroom. It provides a place to sit while you shower, allowing you to relax and enjoy the water. It can also be used as a storage space for shampoo, soap and other bath products. Select a bench that fits your space and matches the overall look and feel of your bathroom.

bathroom with shower only design
Add a bench in your shower | Hendrickson Photography on Shutterstock

Turn your bathroom into a wet room

A wet room is a modern and practical option for a bathroom without a tub. Wet rooms are incredibly easy to clean, as they are completely waterproof and have no awkward nooks or crannies for dirt and grime to build up. They also provide a luxurious spa-like experience and can be fitted with rain showers, underfloor heating, and LED lighting to create a truly relaxing space.

wet room bathroom design
A wet room is a great design option for your bathroom | Jodie Johnson on Shutterstock

Outdoor shower

If you don't have room for a traditional indoor shower, an outdoor shower can be a great alternative. It's a great solution if you live in hot, tropical climates and love being close to nature. Choose a private spot away from high-traffic areas and use durable materials that can withstand the elements.

luxurious indoor/outdoor bathroom
Create luxury with an outdoor shower | Kalen Armstrong/Shutterstock

Add plants

Plants can help to create a relaxing and natural atmosphere, and they can also help to improve air quality. Adding plants to your shower can create the feeling of being outdoors, which can positively affect your well-being. When selecting plants for your shower, choose varieties known to thrive in high-humidity environments.

bathroom with plants
Add a bit of greenery to your bathroom | New Africa on Shutterstock


We hope these simple bathroom design ideas have inspired you to create a functional space that reflects your unique needs. Remember, when it comes to design, sometimes less is more. So don't be afraid to keep things clean and simple in your bathroom. After all, that's what will make it truly shine.

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How do I lay out my bathroom?

When planning the layout of your bathroom, you'll need to decide where to place the fixtures, such as the sink, toilet and shower. You'll also need to consider the location of the plumbing and electrical outlets. Once you have a general idea of the layout, you can start planning the details, such as the tile pattern and bathroom fixtures.

How do you make a basic bathroom look good?

First, you can add some unique details or splashes of color. Second, you can focus on functionality by adding additional storage space or installing a motion-activated faucet. Finally, you can create a spa-like retreat by adding luxurious touches, such as a freestanding tub or rain showerhead.

How do you make a small bathroom modern?

To modernize a small bathroom, use neutral colors, update your fixtures and focus on functionality by adding additional storage space or installing a motion-activated faucet. You can also add some unique details or splashes of color and updated vanity.

How can I make my small bathroom look luxurious?

To make your bathroom look more luxurious, opt for minimalistic designs, neutral color palettes and elegant touches like a heated floor or a spa-like shower.

How do you do a bathroom makeover on a budget?

Some bathroom makeover ideas on a budget include painting your walls with a fresh coat of paint, updating the fixtures and adding storage space. If you're working with a limited budget, consider doing some work yourself to save money.

How do you style a bathroom?

To style a bathroom, use neutral colors, update your fixtures and focus on functionality. Add storage when possible, and install a motion-activated faucet or lights with dimmers. You can also add some plants, large mirrors and unique light fixtures.

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