Design of the Week: Renovated Barn

This week's feature is a renovated barn that combines minimalism with modern style.

Design of the Week: Renovated Barn
Design of the week: barn conversion by Oleg Malyshev on Planner 5D

At Planner 5D, we love to show the ideas of our most original users. We like to share their inspiring designs as part of our "Design of the week." This week, we chose a project that combines two different styles, modern and minimalistic. This innovative barn conversion, created by Oleg Malyshev on Planner 5D, offers plenty of creativity and inspiration.

Today we are talking about interiors that combine a minimalist and modern style. This is a very popular design among the Planner 5D user community. Let's look at what characterizes this new trend and makes it so popular.

The popularity of these two styles lies in their clean lines, geometric shapes, simplicity and abundant use of wood and glass. This combination creates bright and sophisticated interiors.

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Barn conversion living room 

A growing trend

The popularity of modern and minimalist styles has been growing for years. In design and architecture, this movement is characterized by geometric forms devoid of artifice or decorative elements. Adding materials like steel and glass creates wide and illuminated spaces. The color palette uses neutral tones and monochrome, predominantly white and gray.

Planner 5D: a modern and minimalist project

Project by Oleg Malyshev on Planner 5D

Now that we understand these styles' characteristics, let's look at Oleg's project in Planner 5D. This project is an excellent example of both minimalist and modern styles applied in the design of a remodeled barn converted into a home.

Modern style in colors, materials and decoration

The designer of this house has managed to create a modern space that does not lose interest despite using neutral colors and simple patterns. From tiled walls to other materials such as metal or wood, it manages to add texture while creating a trendy environment.

The simplicity of the furniture, such as the bar stools, or the details of the windows and lamps are a perfect manifestation of the modern style. A warm and welcoming atmosphere is achieved by introducing an abundant use of wood (from the furniture to the ceilings and other surfaces).

Minimalism in colors, materials and decor

This user has used simple pieces and forms to express the true beauty of these styles. Minimalism includes light color tones (usually different shades of white) in clean spaces with defined lines. In this project, Oleg builds on the metallic yet simple forms of windows, furniture and other accessories to create a minimalist yet striking and modern space. Solid and robust materials such as ceramics, wood, concrete, metal and even glass are the common threads of this project. They are the perfect choice for highlighting the beauty of the minimalist style.

Both styles overlap in shapes, lines and materials

Both modern and minimalist styles feature a strong emphasis on form, functionality and materials. When combining the two styles, we see the user pay special attention to the materials and silhouettes. You can always create a similar look by upgrading your furniture with modern pieces.

Minimalism and modern aesthetics coincide in their clean lines, geometric shapes, simplicity, use of wood and glass, and the presence of abundant natural light. This design highlights all this by paying attention to the natural wood floors, the large uninterrupted glass windows, and the simple lines of chairs or lamps.

The geometry of the windows speaks to the essence of minimalism and modern style. It highlights the principles of both trends, with simplicity at the forefront. This design deserves to be the week's winner for combining both styles to achieve a warm, cozy and natural effect.

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