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Scandinavian/European/Mid Century Modern and simplistic style living

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Maison Maeck
Very nice design ! Really love the choice of the colors and textures !
2019-12-18 01:52:28
fine designing perfect look
2020-03-18 15:48:28
Stunning, I’m glad that you found the person that is using your projects. Keep doing what you are doing it’s amazing!
2020-12-18 09:27:38
Hey Isabel could you create a classical mansion that consists of 2 floors an elegant kitchen living room and dining space. 3 kid bedrooms and a master bedroom 5 bathrooms one of them connected to the master and I want all the bedrooms to have walk in closets I would also like a black baby grand piano in the living room and a grand staircase main colors black white and gray for everything except the bedrooms I want one of the bedrooms to be a 12 year old boys another to be a 12 year old girls and another to be a 10 year old girls the main colors will be black, gray and white except for the kids bedrooms, I would like it if you also put in a large backyard with lots of play equipment, a pool, a 3 car garage and a ballet room with a barre and lots of mirrors!I love to design but I don't have premium so I'm afraid that this would look ugly if I made it, also if you agree afterwords you could publish it as a regular project! I would very much appreciate it!
2021-01-14 18:38:05
Hey Tessa, yes!! I will try my very best to make this!
2021-01-15 17:22:39
Um actually about the email stuff I really can't email how about we just chat here? Sorry if this is inconvenient!
2021-01-15 20:41:41
@Tessa that's fine!
2021-01-15 20:43:13
Yay! so where do you want to start?
2021-01-15 20:50:20
Tessa here is the kind of atmosphere i want for the 10 year old girls room just instead of baby stuff make it older
2021-01-15 23:39:19
Tessa Thats the living room except instead of blue make it gray and black please
2021-01-15 23:42:07
oh and please don't feel pressed to make them exactly alike those are just ideas!
2021-01-15 23:42:59
Tessa here is the basic style of the kitchen
2021-01-15 23:46:04
OK last thing and then you have almost free rein the main colors for the boys room should be red and blue the 12 year old girls colors pastel pink, blue, yellow and purple!
2021-01-15 23:48:43
Tessa That is the basic idea for the 12 year old girl room that is the basic idea for the boys room just pls instead of all the yellow and white change it to red!
2021-01-16 19:55:50
here is what i was thinking for the master oh and all the bathrooms should be full!
2021-01-16 19:57:29
except all the kids bedrooms should have queen/king size beds pls!
2021-01-16 19:58:33
@Tessa, im working on it all now! Finished the front and back facades!
2021-01-17 02:38:19
Thank you!
2021-01-17 14:07:56
if you could could you put in some bay windows in the bedrooms if not that's totally fine but i just love them so much and i want to be able to snuggle with my husband (in the future and read or watch a movie or just appreciate the time we have together
2021-01-17 14:19:34
hey isabel how is it coming
2021-01-20 16:45:48
Good, I had to take off a few days because I was extremely busy, but I am working on it now!
2021-01-20 20:21:57
2021-01-20 22:45:32
@Tessa, I just finished and uploaded the house! Uploading the snapshots now!
2021-01-21 21:46:37
Thank you SO much Isabel!
2021-01-22 13:30:36
hello Isabel can you make me a house?
2021-02-27 04:47:27