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Some of my favorite textures and they are very colorful. Hope you like it! Algumas das minhas texturas favoritas e elas são bem coloridas. Espero que você goste! :) :)

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Mari Mond
If you like some texture, leave it in the comments so I can bring more projects like that!Se gostar de alguma textura, deixe nos comentários para que eu possa trazer mais projetos como esse!
2021-05-30 18:17:50
I love these textures, where do you find these textures and could you send a link?
2021-05-30 18:19:47
Mari Mond
Hi @Mia, I find them on Pinterest.
2021-05-30 18:21:10
Mari Mond
You can search: seamless pattern, or wallpapers. Hope this helps!
2021-05-30 18:22:22
Ok thank you so much!
2021-05-30 18:32:10
I like all of them. The ones I don't love are probably the cat and the couch. This was a super creative idea btw!
2021-05-30 20:42:24
Mari Mond
Hi @Keki yeah! Thanks!
2021-05-30 23:44:35