Embracing Authenticity: Inspiring Attic Living Spaces

Step inside a remarkable attic design project, where abundant sunlight dances through the space and industrial modernism merges with natural elements.

User generated project on Planner 5D
Attic space designed by Fede Lars/Planner 5D

In today's world, people seek unique and authentic living spaces that reflect their true selves. One such extraordinary space is the attic, and we are delighted to showcase a unique attic design project created by our talented user, Fede Lars.

This attic design redefines the concept of living by embracing abundant sunlight, the beauty of nature, and a harmonious balance between the city and natural elements. Let's explore this unique attic design's captivating features and distinctive decor.

Why we chose this project

The allure of authenticity and a desire for unconventional living spaces led us to select this remarkable attic design. Living in this attic means basking in glorious sunlight throughout the day as the roof's direct and intense rays penetrate the space, offering a unique connection with nature.

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Additionally, the attic provides a tranquil retreat, distanced from the hustle and bustle of the street, cars and nightlife, allowing residents to be closer to the sky and the soothing embrace of nature.

Design style

The design style of this project is a captivating fusion of industrial modernism and naturalism, resulting in a truly one-of-a-kind ambiance. Industrial modernism elements, such as black window frames, black glass dining table surfaces, exposed brick and concrete walls, black metal frames, and sleek modern fixtures, harmoniously coexist with natural features. Organic materials, abundant greenery and a strong emphasis on natural textures create an enchanting blend of urban chic and organic charm.

Key features

What sets this project apart is the striking elements that achieve a delicate balance between the city and nature. The design seamlessly incorporates nature into the modern interior through the use of wood, abundant greenery, and the abundance of natural light streaming in through beautiful skylights and windows.

The vibrancy of the city is represented by industrial elements like brick walls and tastefully curated artwork, including colorful New York-style paintings, creating a captivating contrast between chaos and tranquillity.

Distinctive decor and materials

The attic's decor offers a range of standout elements that elevate its unique charm. The combination of exposed brick and concrete walls adds an industrial edge. At the same time, the black glass table surface exudes contemporary elegance. Organic textures take center stage with colorful organic carpets, wooden blinds, and natural wood countertops in the kitchen.

The black wooden window frames add a touch of sophistication, and the organic-textured pillows, blankets and sofa fittings invite cozy comfort. The black metal mirror frames, light-patterned wooden floors, and modern black-white ceiling light fixtures contribute to the space's modern aesthetic. Sunny shelving facades, greenery and captivating New York-style paintings infuse playful energy into the atmosphere.

Inspiration for others

This attic design project serves as a source of inspiration for many reasons. Firstly, it embraces the unconventional nature of attic living, offering an authentic and unique space for self-expression. The ample sunlight flooding the attic and incorporating natural elements, such as wood and greenery, create an environment that nurtures well-being and connection to the natural world.

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The design also showcases the successful integration of modern industrial elements with the surrounding urban landscape, striking a perfect balance between the city and nature. The vibrant and playful design choices, from colorful carpets to captivating artwork, add personality and warmth to the space, making it a source of inspiration for those seeking to create their own distinctive haven.


UserA's exceptional attic design project is a testament to the power of embracing authenticity in home design. This attic becomes a haven of self-expression and tranquility by harnessing abundant natural light, incorporating organic materials, and achieving a delicate balance between the city and nature. Its captivating blend of industrial modernism and naturalism inspires others to break free from traditional norms and create living spaces that reflect their true selves.

Let this attic project inspire your journey to design a unique and inspiring home with Planner 5D.

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