How to Incorporate Industrial Style into Your Home Decor

In this post, we look at the origins of industrial style and offer suggestions for incorporating this look into your home.

Rendering of an industrial loft with mezzanine
Industrial loft by Luana on Planner 5D

Looking for a unique and versatile decor to incorporate into your home? Then the industrial design might be the one for you. This look is inspired by factories and other industrial buildings, and it can add a touch of toughness and edge to your home. Plus, industrial style is easy to incorporate into any existing decor.

The industrial style is often associated with a raw, urban aesthetic. It is popular in lofts and other spaces converted from industrial buildings. You can create an edgy, urban look or a warm, rustic feel with this style. In this post, we look at the origins of industrial style and offer suggestions for incorporating this look into your home.

What is industrial design style?

Industrial style - or industrial design - is a style that emerged in the early 20th century, and it's characterized by the use of industrial materials and simple, functional forms. The industrial style was born out of necessity, as industrialization led to the mass production of goods. Industrial designers sought to create designs that were both efficient and attractive.

Industrial style design | Shutterstock

As industrial style gained popularity, it began to be applied to various products, from furniture to architecture. Today, industrial style is often used in a more modern context as an aesthetic choice rather than a necessity. However, the industrial style still retains its original philosophy of function over form. Industrial style is about celebrating the raw beauty of industrial materials and letting them take center stage.

Elements of interior design style

The industrial design style embraces raw, unfinished materials and industrial elements. The key characteristics of this style include exposed brick walls, concrete floors, metal surfaces and industrial lighting fixtures with bare light bulbs. Exposed beams and pipes are also common in industrial-style homes, lending an unfinished, industrial feel to the space.

Industrial design favors functionality and no-frills decor. While it can seem sparse, there are many ways to add comfort and coziness to any industrial space. Vintage furniture and accessories are perfect for this style and can be combined with others, like Scandinavian, modern and chic.

How to incorporate industrial design into your home

Industrial design is a very popular style that works well in large, open spaces like loft conversions and modern condominiums. However, with little imagination, you can apply its element to different types of homes.

If you want to incorporate this look into your home, start by painting your walls a bright white or light grey. Then, add some industrial-inspired furniture and decor items. Industrial style pieces tend to be simple and functional, with clean lines and a minimalist aesthetic. This design style is often seen in loft apartments and converted warehouses, where the industrial vibe is part of the appeal.

You can easily transform any space into an industrial-inspired haven with a few simple changes. Consider adding some industrial-style lighting fixtures and metal finishings. These can include hanging pendant lights, track lighting or wrought iron railings and handles.

Industrial design with Planner 5D

Industrial decor is a very popular style on our platform. Our users have created many different designs using this style as an inspiration. Here are some Planner 5D user designs to inspire your next project, from kitchens to living rooms and bedrooms.

Industrial-style kitchen

You can easily incorporate industrial style into a kitchen even if you don't live in a loft. Even a small apartment can get an industrial-style makeover.  

Industrial-style living room

While a converted loft is practically made for industrial decor, you can add elements of this style to any space.  

Industrial loft

Want to create your own industrial loft? Head over to Planner 5D and start designing. Any room can be transformed with industrial style, and we have many items in our catalog that you can incorporate into your designs.  Share your designs with us on Instagram!

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