Barkitecture: The Pet-Friendly Design Trend for Pet Owners

Incorporate barkitecture elements into your homes to ensure that your furry friends have a comfortable place to call home.

Barkitecture: The Pet-Friendly Design Trend for Pet Owners
Barkitecture: how to create pet-friendly home

Although pets eat, sleep and relax in our homes just like we do, we tend to focus our decorating and design decisions around our needs. However, as more and more families embrace these four-legged companions, our design choices are beginning to change. Welcome to the age of barkitecture.

Barkitecture is the process of designing homes specifically for pets, and it considers their needs and well-being. It includes everything from the materials used to the layout of the space. By incorporating barkitecture elements into your homes, you can ensure that your furry friends will always have a comfortable place to call home.

The rise of barkitecture

According to Pinterest, barkitecture, the play on the words "bark" and "architecture," is the hottest trend for 2022. Just as you might upgrade your home in anticipation of a new baby or adaptin gis as your child grows older, pet parents are increasingly looking for resources that bring their furry friends to the forefront.

Interiors designed for pets aim to accommodate the comings and goings of our pets, often through built-in custom features and special components designated for feeding, bathing, napping and more. Ensure your furry family members feel at home by incorporating pet-friendly elements into your environment.

Create a functional feeding station

Function should always be the main priority when choosing feeding bowls for your pets. You might think that any bowl or plate will do, but this is not the case. When selecting a feeding bowl, choose one that guarantees comfort and promotes the good health of your pets.

First, when choosing the feeding area for your pest, avoid high traffic spaces and opt for a quiet area where your pet can eat in peace. For cats, keep the food away from litter boxes and ensure that your cat always has access to fresh water.

When selecting food bowls, avoid plastic ones as they are less hygienic and opt for ceramic or stainless steel. Plastic can be difficult to clean, leaving food accumulating in small, superficial cracks. You can also go for a water fountain or feeders with automatic food dispensers to keep the water fresh and give your pets the necessary food portions.

As cats prefer wide and flat surfaces, go for a more shallow bowl so their whiskers don't come in contact with the edges of the container. You should adapt your dog's bowl to its face. Get shallow bowls for breeds with a flat face and get elevated bowls for older dogs with mobility issues.

Elevated food station

A great solution for feeding a dog can be the choice of a stand-up feeder, typically consisting of two plastic, ceramic or stainless steel bowls in a stand made of metal, wood or plastic. Place them against the wall to avoid tipping. This type of feeding station might be more comfortable for your pet and easier to digest food.

When creating a comfortable space for your cat, provide plenty of high spots to rest, play or observe their surroundings. This can also be a great solution when setting up a feeding station that is secluded and comfortable – especially in homes with other pets.

Keep your cat's food dishes or bowls out of the reach of dogs or other animals (and ensure that they are also out of the way). If you have an empty and shallow drawer close to the flood, consider converting it into a feeding station. This way, you take advantage of a raised surface and the floor and close the drawer once your cat has finished eating.

Hidden dog bed

Give your dog a safe and quiet place to sleep. Not sure where to put your dog's bed? Consider transforming your closet into a cozy nook for your pet's naps. Make sure the closet has enough room to place a comfortable bed away from your clothes. This is a great solution for taking advantage of unused corner spaces and keeping the bed out of the way.

Dedicated washing station

A dog washing station is like a scaled-down shower station. The height should be easy to reach to wash your dog, typically lower than a kitchen counter. It should have a cold and hot water supply, proper drainage, a splash guard and a hook to secure your pet. Consider building steps or a foldable ramp, so you don't have to lift your dog up and down from the station.

A wall-mounted cat bed

Elevating sleeping and hiding places is a must for the comfort of any cat. And that is why it is important to include high corners that the cat can climb safely. One of the ways to replace bulky cat trees is to install hanging cat beds mounted on walls or windows.

These alternatives provide cats with a secluded space to rest and observe—whether inside a room or outside through windows—and they're easy to install (or even build from scratch). Floating wall shelves installed at different heights are also great for creating cat-friendly spaces. They allow your cat to climb and explore different environments while providing much-needed stimulation for a domestic cat.‌‌

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