Top 7 AI Interior Design Tools in 2024

AI-powered tools are revolutionizing the interior design industry. Here are some of the most powerful AI tools on the market today to help you design your dream home.

AI interior design
Top AI interior design software tools

These days you can't turn around without hearing about artificial intelligence (AI) and the impact it has on every aspect of our lives. From enhancing communication to optimizing efficiency across various industries, AI tools are changing our lives. Interior design is no different, with AI technology reshaping how we envision, create and experience spaces.

With its ability to analyze data, generate innovative ideas and streamline design processes, AI is revolutionizing interior design, empowering professionals and homeowners alike to unlock a new realm of creativity and functionality. In this post, we look at the top AI interior design tools and how they are reshaping the industry's landscape.

AI in interior design

AI interior design software is revolutionizing the way we create spaces. Gone are the days of relying solely on manual sketching, traditional mood boards, and lengthy trial-and-error processes. AI fundamentally changes interior design, offering designers and enthusiasts powerful tools to visualize concepts, choose color palettes, arrange furniture, and even simulate lighting conditions—all with astonishing accuracy and efficiency.

Planner 5D ai tool for home design
Sala Moderna by MariaCris with Planner 5D

Advantages of AI-powered interior design software

There are many advantages to using AI tools in interior design. AI algorithms can provide invaluable guidance and design recommendations by gathering extensive information on design trends, user preferences and spatial configurations. This data-driven approach helps professionals understand clients' unique needs better and create personalized, tailored solutions that align with their vision.

Similarly, homeowners and design enthusiasts can tap into AI tools to explore and experiment with space planning and design concepts without formal design training. AI's ability to analyze personal preferences, suggest complementary colors and styles, and offer interactive design options puts the power of creativity and customization in the hands of everyone, enabling them to transform their living spaces according to their unique tastes and aspirations.

ai tool for home design
Design by Hall Pat with Planner 5D

AI-powered virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) tools also redefine how we experience and visualize interior spaces. These immersive technologies allow designers and clients to virtually walk through a space, experimenting with different layouts, materials and finishes before any physical construction starts.

With AI's assistance, what was once confined to the realms of imagination can now be brought to life in stunning detail, fostering more accurate communication, collaboration and a shared vision for the outcome.

Top AI interior design tools

With new AI tools constantly coming to the market, it might be challenging to keep track. Here are our picks of AI-powered interior design tools that can help you with everything from lighting design and color schemes to 3D modeling and floor plan design customization:

Planner 5D

Our user-friendly AI-powered home design software lets you create floor plans and interior designs effortlessly. Users can create floor plans and design their interiors in 2D and 3D modes using AI, VR and AR technologies. Tools like Design Generator, Smart Wizard and AI floor plan recognition features are some of the ways we utilize AI to provide users with a comprehensive visualization of their projects.

AI interior design software
Spa room by Rita | Planner 5D

Planner 5D software uses artificial intelligence to automatically generate realistic 3D models of furniture and other objects based on the user's input. This technology allows you to preview and see how your designs will look and make changes on the go. It can also be used to customize furniture, colors, finishings and decor based on your preferences. If you're a seasoned professional, you can also try Planner 5D for pros.

Planner 5D is available on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.


RoomSketcher is a popular AI-powered interior design tool that enables users to create and visualize 2D and 3D floor plans. With an intuitive interface and a wide range of customization options, RoomSketcher allows designers and homeowners to experiment with different layouts, furniture arrangements, and decor elements.

The AI functionality of RoomSketcher allows users to generate accurate and realistic representations of their design ideas, helping them make informed decisions about space utilization and aesthetics. RoomSketcher also provides a massive library of furniture and decor items, making it easy to find the right piece for your project.

interior design tools
Photo by Sidekix Media / Unsplash

Foyr Neo

Foyr Neo is an advanced AI tool for home design that combines the power of artificial intelligence, virtual reality and augmented reality. It offers a comprehensive set of design tools for space planning, furniture selection, material customization and lighting simulation.

Foyr Neo's AI algorithms can analyze user preferences and design requirements to generate personalized recommendations and design solutions. With its immersive VR and AR capabilities, Foyr Neo allows users to visualize and experience their designs in a realistic virtual environment.


Homestyler, developed by Autodesk, is a popular AI interior design tool catering to professionals and homeowners. The platform offers a vast library of 3D models, furniture, and decor items, allowing users to create and customize virtual spaces.

Homestyler's AI algorithms can suggest design elements, colors, and styles based on user input and preferences. Additionally, Homestyler provides augmented reality features, enabling users to overlay virtual furniture and decorations onto their real-world surroundings.

interior design tools and apps
Photo by R ARCHITECTURE / Unsplash


DecorMatters is a user-friendly AI-powered interior design app that provides a seamless experience for design enthusiasts. The app offers an extensive catalog of furniture, decor items and finishes.

DecorMatters' AI capabilities assist users in selecting cohesive color schemes, suggesting complementary pieces, and virtually placing items within a space. The app also facilitates social interaction, allowing users to share their designs, gather feedback and collaborate with others in the community.


Leaperr is an AI interior design tool that focuses on transforming the concept of mood boards. It leverages AI algorithms to curate inspirational images, design trends and color palettes from various sources, making it a valuable resource for designers seeking inspiration.

Leaperr's AI-powered search engine helps users find relevant images based on their desired style or aesthetic preferences. With its intelligent tagging system, Leaperr simplifies the process of organizing and categorizing design references, making it a valuable tool for creative professionals.

how to design your home with AI
Photo by Jason Wang / Unsplash

Homestory AR

Homestory AR is an augmented reality app that lets users visualize how furniture and decor items would look in their actual space. Using AI-powered AR technology, Homestory AR allows users to browse an extensive catalog of virtual furniture and place them within their room using their smartphone or tablet. The app's AI algorithms ensure accurate scaling and positioning of virtual objects, giving users a realistic preview of their desired interior design choices.


While AI is revolutionizing the industry, it's also making design accessible to many by enabling anyone, even those without technical experience, to access tools previously only available to professionals. Every AI tool for interior design offers new possibilities and inspiration for designing beautiful and functional spaces.

As technology is still evolving, there is much excitement for the future. For interior designers, that's a whole new and exciting world of opportunities yet to come. Want to try the latest AI tools to create your dream home? Sign up for Planner 5D today and get started.


Is there an AI for interior design?

Yes, there are AI-powered tools specifically designed for interior design. These tools utilize AI algorithms to enhance various aspects of the design process, such as space planning, furniture placement, material selection and visualization.

How does interior AI work?

Interior AI utilizes machine learning algorithms to analyze and understand design patterns, preferences and user data. It can generate design recommendations, create 3D models, simulate lighting conditions, and provide real-time rendering to assist designers in making informed decisions.

Which AI interior design software is the best?

Determining the best AI interior design software depends on specific needs and preferences. You should check out the features, user reviews, and trial versions to find the one that suits your requirements. Some popular options include Foyr Neo, Planner 5D, Houzz and Homestyler.

Is there an app to help with interior design?

Yes, there are several apps available to assist with interior design. Some notable ones include Houzz, Planner 5D, Homestyler and RoomSketcher. These apps offer features like 2D/3D design visualization, furniture placement, material selection, and augmented reality (AR) functionality to aid interior design.

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