20 Living Room Ideas for Your Home

At Planner 5D, we love getting to know our users as they bring their original ideas to life. In this post, we look at our users' living rooms, and we hope they will inspire you to create your next design.

Living room design made easy
Living room design | Planner 5D

At Planner 5D, we love getting to know our users as they bring their original ideas to life. We occasionally select several designs in the same category and ask our designers what they think about the final products. In this post, we look at our users' living rooms, and we hope they will inspire you to create your next design.

The living room is the heart of your home. It's a place for gathering, relaxing, and catching up with family and friends. As gathering spaces, living rooms have to be functional and appealing. No matter what style, the living quarters have to work for you, your space and your budget.

Create your perfect living room

Many elements go into creating the perfect living room. It doesn't matter how big or small your space is. You can apply these tips to any project. Redecorating is an opportunity to reevaluate your current setup and decor and whether it works in your room.

living room ideas
Photo by Sidekix Media / Unsplash

Get rid of furniture that is old and worn out. Unnecessary decorations that clutter up the space can be donated or repurposed in other areas of your house. Replace them with ones that reflect your new vision and style.

Now, consider your furniture and the new pieces you want to include in your new design. Living rooms are about comfort, so your furniture should be comfortable and functional. Small pieces can make rooms feel empty, while more oversized furniture can overwhelm the space. Sofas, tables and cabinets have to fit your living room.

ideas for living room design
Photo by Spacejoy / Unsplash

Your color palette should complement the overall aesthetic of your room. The colors you choose for your living room also play a role in the overall design. While mixing colors with different design trends is fine, make sure your choices tie together cohesively. We recommend reading our post on choosing the best colors for your home to help you decide.

Proper lighting plays an essential role in any home design. To create a good lighting scheme, use a mix of ambient, accent and task lighting. Add chandeliers, floor lamps, recessed lights and wall scones to illuminate your room and add atmosphere.

20 Living room ideas

living room desing in dark tones
Design by Hall Pat

This classic design style-inspired living room shows that classic design doesn't have to be done in white and gold to be appealing. The use of dark gray walls, lighter furniture, gold accents and ornate chandeliers creates an attractive and appalling design that is comfortable and relaxing.

green living room design
Design by Mari Mond

This is a great example of a living room inspired by nature. The color choices are reminiscent of nature and being outside. The greens calm us emotionally, while the brown furniture and floor remind us of the earth. The use of high ceilings, ample lighting and a spacious layout creates an airy, calming space.

small living room design
Design by Micaela Maccaferri

This design takes inspiration from nature with the use of light colors, green accents, wooden furniture and organic forms. Black is used as an accent, with a few faded red pillows that add a nice punch of color. The paintings also match the floor and create a cohesive look. The overall look of this design creates a feeling of calmness while at the same time awakening our curiosity, making us want to look closer at all the details.

functional living room ideas
Design by Hall Pat

The striking part of this design is the TV wall. It combines function with aesthetics that works perfectly in smaller rooms. Incorporating the shelves adds storage for books and plants while creating visual appeal. The use of a neutral palette creates a relaxing space. The green and white accents pop against the dark wood browns and stone grays.

bright living room design
Design by Isabel

This design uses the rule of three, creating an appealing visual symmetry and balance. The color palette of creamy browns, grays and blacks complements the minimalistic decor, making the room look spacious and airy. A lot of natural light comes in through the expansive windows, creating a beachy and relaxing vibe.

cozy living room ideas
Design by Secondsim

This living room design combines classic and modern styles with a neutral palette of grays, blacks and browns. The room features high ceilings, tall bookshelves and a marble stone wall for the fireplace. We see an excellent use of lighting that includes a chandelier, two wall sconces and accent lights that make the room feel cozier at night.

nature wallpaper living room
Design by Rita

This living room is an excellent example of a fall-inspired look. The palette of greens, browns and oranges is reminiscent of leaves changing colors. It creates a warm, earthy vibe that's relaxing and inviting. The accent wall with foliage makes the atmosphere feel more like fall and adds depth to the room.

add nature to your living room
Design by Ely Bnd

The most inspiring feature of this living room design is the accent wall behind the couch. Built using planks, it looks more like a unique art installation. The big, lush plant and a mix of wood and greenery create a feeling of a dark jungle. Thanks to the black walls and ceiling, our eyes are drawn to the gray sofa, blue armchair and marble fireplace.

dark and moody living room
Design by Moonface

This living room is an excellent example of how using darker colors in your designs can create a cozy space in your house. Our eyes are drawn automatically to the dark accent walls and furniture. Adding colorful accents, lights, shapes and textures is a great way to create warmth and atmosphere.

rustic style living room
Design by Gabes

We can easily imagine this living room in a small country house or a cottage. A warm color palette of light and dark browns with orange accents creates a welcoming fall vibe. The accent brick wall complements the fireplace in the corner, while the orange sofas add warmth to the room and contrast nicely with the dark rug and throw.

Create your own living room with Planner 5D

Japandi-inspired design
Design by MG

This stylish living room with a trendy interior is reminiscent of the Japandi style, one of the hottest new trends in interior design. We see many natural materials, such as wood on the ceiling,  brick wall and fabrics on furniture incorporated here. There are also common black metal elements in furniture legs and ceiling lights that tie the look together.

warm orange palette living room
Design by Micaela Maccaferri

This Berber-inspired living room design incorporates natural materials, including textiles in carpets, wall and ceiling decorations, wooden sideboards, coffee tables and ceramics. The neutral color palette of warm oranges and light browns is punctuated by darker elements in furniture and decorations that tie it all together.

minimalistic living room design
Design by Stefan Catalin

The dark walls and ceiling add drama to this minimalistic design style. The light, decorative flooring and solid yellow armchairs add pops of color to this living room decor. At the same time, the Christmas tree subtly picks up on all the shades in the room. The simple fireplace makes this room feel cozy and inviting.

clean, modern design
Design by Lika Martynova

This living room incorporates two main shapes that work together in harmony. We can see circles in the mirrors, floor lamps, pillows and the art above the fireplace. The furniture, carpets, ceiling lights, windows and shelves, on the other hand, have straight lines and angles. The colors are muted with cool tones, making this room feel relaxing.

minimalist decor living room
Design by Micaela Maccaferri

Clean lines, minimalistic decor and the color palette in this design give this room a cozy vibe. Large windows let in natural light while all the lamps and the fireplace create ambiance and coziness. We see a nice mix of materials, including natural textile coverings for armchairs, a wooden table, firewood logs and a stone fireplace. The patterns in the carpet add playfulness to the design.

add textures with different materials
Design by Marco Lam

In this living room design, we see many different materials come together. We have wooden floors, tables, natural textiles and metal ceiling lights. The use of a neutral palette of greens, browns and toupes adds to the earthy feeling of the room, with the herringbone pattern of the floor adding sophistication and charm.

earthy color palette living room
Design by Luana

This living room has a trendy, earthly color palette with light and dark browns, warm grays, white and beige. The addition of plants and large windows brings nature inside. The interior incorporates natural materials like dark wooden shelves with natural textiles in furniture and carpet and dark metal elements in wall shelves and ceiling lights.

modern farmhouse living room
Design by Anonymous1

This ideal modern farmhouse living room is ready for Christmas. The silver tree and the green wreath add a festive touch to the simple decor. We see many natural textiles, fabric sofas, wooden floors and the mantle above the fireplace. There is a lot of natural light coming through the windows and overhead pot lights, adding warmth and creating a cozy vibe.

open space layout
Design by Micaela Maccaferri

Large, open windows to the terrace bring the outdoors inside. The living room includes a mixture of wooden, fabric and metal surfaces that play on the nature theme. The neutral color palette uses lots of browns, creams and grays and contrasts nicely with the green plants.

add some drama to your space
Design by Valerie W.

This living room is designed using three colors for a dramatic effect. The walls, ceiling and furniture are primarily white, while the carpet, table and accents are black. We see the bold periwinkle splashes in the curtains, pillows, artwork and vases. All the shapes used here play off each other, creating uniformity in the design.


We have selected a variety of styles created by our students. We hope that these projects provide you with a lot of inspiration. Create your dream living room or sign up for our Design School to learn more about interior design principles. Start designing with Planner 5D today.

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