How to Organize Kids Rooms for Back to School

Whether your child is returning to school or going for the first time, you can make their transition easier by ensuring their room is set up for a productive year ahead.

How to Organize Kids Rooms for Back to School
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With summer winding down and fall around the corner, it's a perfect time to organize and prepare your kids for school. An organized space will help them focus on their studies and make finding the supplies they need easier.

Whether your child is returning to school or going for the first time, you can make their transition easier by ensuring their room is set up for a productive year ahead. Here are a few tips for getting your kid's room ready for back to school.

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Clean and declutter

A cluttered room can be overwhelming and make it difficult to focus on homework or get a good night's sleep. The best way to start is to declutter and get rid of unnecessary things.

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Go over toys that are no longer played with, clothes that no longer fit, or school supplies that are no longer needed with your kids. This process will help them let go of things they no longer need and will make it less overwhelming.

Once everything has been decluttered, it's time to give the room a good cleaning. A decluttered and clean space can give your child a sense of control and calmness as they head back to school. You can also check our post on decluttering for tips and ideas.

Create a designated workstation

Creating a workstation is a simple and effective way to help your kids get back into the learning mindset. A dedicated space will help them know exactly where to find everything they need when doing their homework or school-related activities. It will also give them a space to focus and concentrate away from the distractions of TV and video games.

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You don't need much space to create a dedicated workspace for your kids. There are many creative ways to make your kid's desk fun and enjoyable. Check out our post on home office ideas for inspiration.

Proper furniture size and placement

Another important thing to consider is your child's furniture. Kids grow up fast, and the desk that worked for them the previous year might not work anymore. The bed that worked well before might be too small and not offer enough support. Consider updating their furniture and mattresses before school starts.

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A properly sized desk and chair, placed in front of a window with good lighting, can make a world of difference in your child's schoolwork. A comfortable bed will help them get a good night's sleep and rest. Redecorating and updating their furniture can also be a fun way to get your kids involved in the process and make them excited about school.

Create a storage system

Another way to help your kids get ready for school is to create a system for storing and organizing school supplies, books and toys. This will help your kids know exactly where everything is and make it easier to get ready for school in the morning.

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Designate a specific area in your child's room for all of their back-to-school gear. This could be a shelf, a bin or a designated corner. Then, help them sort through their supplies and choose what they will need for the upcoming year. Finally, make sure to put everything in its proper place, so it is easy to find.

Label everything

To help your kids keep things organized and tidy, invest in some labels and place them on everything, from the drawers to the shelves. This system will help your kids know where everything is and save them time when looking for something.

Labeling is also great for lunch boxes, clothes and other belongings that might get lost or misplaced while at school. You can use anything from masking tape, permanent markers and customized self-inking stamps to iron-on and stick-on labels.


Organizing your kids' rooms before school starts is a great way to get them excited and involved. By taking these simple steps, you can create a fun and comfortable place for studying and help your child succeed in the new school year.

And don't forget to use Planner 5D to create a virtual design of your room and try out different styles and layouts before you do the actual work. Get your kids involved in the process and have fun!  

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