Sherlyn Osuna
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Hi, my name is Sherlyn and I love making friends. I also LOVE animals. My favorite animal is a cheetah, and I also own 1 bunny, I love drawing ( i am kind of an artist U//U OwO )
Design Battle projects
Hello, my name is Sherlyn. My project is about an office. It has a sofa for more than 1 visitor like children and if they get bored they can watch TV while sitting down on a sofa. It has my desk with 2 chairs for my client and myself. At my desk are books, magazines, and my computer. That's my description of my project.
my project is based off of a kitchen. It has kitchenware, a table, chairs, a mirror, a shelf with books, things that says HOME and FAMILY somewhere in the kitchen. hopefully, you approve which I doubt, my project compared to others project its nothing.
Hello, my name is Sherlyn...! My room is somewhere where adults/kids can hang out after a stressful day/or after playing too much outside. My room has adult games, a sofa, a coffee table with a rug under it, doors with blinds, plants next to the door, a bookshelf if you want to read just in case you don't want to to play with the adult games
Hello I'm Sherlyn, I'm hoping you guys vote for me ( i doubt it :/ ) if you send me a comment saying to check yours out and vote for you I will but it may take some time since I don't get on every day hehe. Anyways let me tell you ALL about this room :). Ok, this is a girly teenage classic girls room, she loves pink as you can see, she has a shelve with books, a vanity with a rose, a chandelier, classic pictures, a closet, dresser, a FLAT SCREEN TV ( hehe ), a stand with a lamp, BOOTIFUL ( ik what I did hehe gacha :/ ) curtains, and yeah that's about it.