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A fun room for a child who loves exploring new things. Very suitable and fresh and welcoming
A sophisticated modern look on a living room with a luxurious bathroom as well.
This is a fun and exuberant design for a small boy between the ages of 5-8. It is full of exciting toys, designs and a child friendly playing space. It's perfect for feisty young children and has tons of shelves to showcase awards, plants, lamps etc. and has a spacious cupboard, a dresser as well as a corner desk to complete any work. The bed is absolutely stunning and lies on a gorgeous geometric rug whilst facing a Panasonic flat screen TV to catch up with all his favourite shows!! There is a rolling blinds set to ensure just the right amount of light enters the room and the largest wall is decorated with a 3D brick mountain design that looks so eye-catching. For musical talent growth, there is even a stand up keyboard for him to show his parents new tunes, as well as a luxurious ball chair facing the window for some time out space. This room comes with a cute automatic toy car as well and there is plenty of space to store it when not in use. And if that wasn't enough to win you over, take a look at the luxurious red carpet that screams fun, excitement and adventure. It matches beautifully with the duvet as well as the ball chair. The whole room is uplifted (literally) by a green and turquoise hot air balloon wallpaper that will inspire kids to be adventurous and to flu high. The colour of the hot air balloons also match perfectly to the life-size toy car. All in all, any boy who gets this room will be over the moon and wouldn't be able to leave it!!