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hewo im bay bay and what i do for a living is not be normal i be GLAM if u think normal is good well it is not to me GLAM is normal to me if u punch me like in real life u dont know whats coming to you LITTELY
Design Battle projects
i wanted a place a place that makes me fill like im at home so what i did was i wanted what i wanted to put out i so for my kitchen i wanted it to fill like im at home aswell so i added what u normally would a kitchen table. chairs. and lots more. what i did for the entry is i put paintings see if that was my home and my entry thats what i would do cause it would make me fill like im at home. what i did for the bathroom is what i would want to make me fill like im at home like a beatiful brown and white sink and i went for nice beatiful bathtub as well.what i did for the storage is i put some boxes to store anything in as well i put a shelf to put stuff on as well. for the bedroom i kinda went basic with a bed and a closet but i put that cause it makes me fill like i am at my home. well i hope u like what i did and thank u if i win i apprcaite it sir\mam.
i dont live in the country but my dad does. so what i did is i copied after my dads bathroom. my dads bath looks so simular to this one the one i picked. and also my dads bathroom has sinks like that and there is two sinks just like i did aswell. i put the rugs by the bathtub and sink. i put a rug by the bathtub because when you get out of the bath it will go on the floor. and i put one by the sink because so you dont get water on your floor. i really hope you like it!