Blood Wolf
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I am not very good at designing but love to do it. I will use some bright colors just to make my designs stand out sometimes but prefer to use all plain colors and shades. I'm from Canada and moved to America 4 or 5 years ago. My favorite colors are red, blue, and black. And I'm part of the wolf pack:)
Design Battle projects
I wanted to make a sort of single person or just couple dining and living room where you could invite one to two friends over and not have it be crowded. The reason I chose less colorful things was because I think that if you have to many bright colors it might be overwelming.
This is my tropical bedroom. I really liked not being able to use things in my comfort zone because it made me have to work harder to mach colors and think about how it would all fit together. Please give me feedback on this so that I can learn from any fails and victories I may have.
This is my design. I tried to make it not scream at anyone who looks at it and not be an eyesore. This was hard for me since I'm not good at designing colorful things so I tried my best. Please look at my design and give me advice so that I might improve my designing skills. Thank you!
Hi this is my christmasy house thing and sorry if I don't reply to any comments fast since I'm moving and don't have a cromebook anymore because we had to give it to the school. Hope you like this!