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Hello , my name is Emily. I am 14. I have watched Teen Wolf, and i like a couple of Stiles and Lydia, and I don't really like Stiles and Malia.
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My project about the perfect living room in the loft style.It is designed for a young couple: a florist and a designer, without children.The living room is also combined with a kitchen and a study.On the second floor there is a private office where you can work or read.On the ground floor there is a living room for discussing floral arrangements with friends and colleagues, as well as a kitchen. I hope you enjoy my project, with love Gamora.
Hi! I'm with you again, Gamora. And this is a project of a small library combined with an office.There are people here who really like to read. So there are books on every shelf, in every Cabinet.Everything is done in a dark style because the favorite color of the owners of this room is black and brown.Also, they are very fond of wood so the floor and some furniture are wooden. Thank you for voting!
Hello everyone! It is Gamora  with you again. And today I made a cool project again:). This is a living room combined with an old-style kitchen. There are window sills where you can sit and read.There is also a buffet where you can arrange the dishes.There is also a clock in the form of a London Bigben, (I love it ;),a table and the whole house is designed for 4 people, 2 adults, 2 children. I was with you , Gamora.
Everything will be great!With you again the young architect Gamora!And today I will present you the project of a small gym, in a gray-yellow style. The description is small, and there is nothing to tell.Good luck. Vote for me and I will be for you.