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Im not that good at building and just want to play around and maybe try to win a design battle. Also I love baby Yoda and if you don't know who baby Yoda is then you need to get Disney plus and binge watch Mandilorian because its awesome (mainly because of baby Yoda, but thats not why you should watch it). But anyway if anyone reads this, if you can find my design battle project then please like it, that would help a lot. Thank you so much for reading this and possibly liking my design battle project.
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Its a kitchen.... what else do i have to describe about it. The category is self explanitory.
I'm sorry if there aren't enough pictures for those of you that get butt hurt if I get in the leader board and don't have one thing that I needed, COUGH COUGH Anna Fajar Hasanah, Jessica, and Didi who are actually not that bad at building but all get butt hurt when someone new gets in third place and their project doesnt have one of the things that it should. Thanks to the ones of you who voted for my project because you though that it looked good and not getting butt hurt like Anna Fajar Hasanah, Jessica, and Didi when it doesn't have something in it even if that something is the main color. Thanks to those that like this (that is if anyone does) and vote for Baby Yoda for president. :E