Classic kitchen and living room

Create classic interior design for a kitchen and living room.

Isabella Albert

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hi, in order to vote you have to wait for voting to open. then you click start voting. you choose your favorite out of the two and just keep going. they changed voting recently. it used to be where you could choose who you vote for now it's more of a poll system. Hope that helped!

2021-02-01 20:45:56

if you have any more questions let me know

2021-02-01 20:46:10

btw awesome design!

2021-02-01 20:46:25
Isabella Albert

thank you so much

2021-02-01 20:49:31
User 16004304

2021-02-01 23:55:22

Hi, nice design. Very minimal amount of furniture here. Too dark. To empty. I'm not saying much because my arms tired.

2021-02-02 01:59:17
Isabella Albert

thanks barra but victoria my house is suppose to be empty four people are gonna be in it

2021-02-02 14:43:03
User 15281715

2021-02-02 16:39:00
Isabella Albert

thank you so much erin

2021-02-02 18:43:37