Round house

Design a modern interior for a round house


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Super.. This project demonstrates mastery of the use of technique and ingenuity. I,, have done this in the past projcts, too - and have been condemned for not following the rules. Even blocked and had no chance of anything for 2 days. I will not do this for you. I vote for you, because I respect creativity and innovation. I invite you to view my project on p. 21 and the Lola project on p. 3

2020-11-27 21:48:13

I like it. So I vote for you. Please vote for me too.

2020-11-28 05:41:12
User 12006058

2020-11-28 15:40:26
Rizki Agustin

I like it. Voted for you

2020-11-28 20:33:13
Hall Pat

Eres increíble! Cada vez me impacta más tu habilidad. La zona de arriba es hermosa. Pero el sofa que diseñaste sin duda es precioso. Gran diseño.

2020-11-29 04:02:40