Kitchen and living room in the old town

Design the interior for the kitchen and the living room, which are located in the old town. The main colors of the interior are white and brown.

Ana G

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Tolik Strynagluk

wow great job. me vote for you (and pls vote my work in page 27 thx)

2020-11-11 22:37:40

Even though I think the task was to have brown and white as main colors, I LOVE THIS! Very clean, modern, and simple. I'll for sure vote for you, but I don't guarantee I'll be able to find you again, they really need to have a save tab for all the ones you like before voting! haha mine's on 25, if you'd like to see

2020-11-12 03:07:00
User 7846194

2020-11-15 07:09:42