Kitchen and living room in the old town

Design the interior for the kitchen and the living room, which are located in the old town. The main colors of the interior are white and brown.

Rizki Agustin

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2020-11-09 14:26:25
Hall Pat

Que bonita forma de introducir los colores a todo el diseño, muy lindo.

2020-11-09 15:22:42


2020-11-10 19:02:12

Muy bonito diseño!!

2020-11-10 19:07:39

its cool!

2020-11-11 01:14:49

Hola! I really like the wallpaper accent! Please check out mine. Click on my pic and look at my design battle projects. My newest one is the one with zero comments. PLease like and comment. Muchos Gracias!

2020-11-11 18:10:24

Hi, it is great, I love the colors, so bright and cheerful! The layout is good too, I like your project very much.

2020-11-11 18:24:15
Ana Eliza

It´s look sooo good! Very calm and cool, good job!

2020-11-12 00:41:40

I apologize to write a reflection so late. I like your product. I never mean that combination of orange and pink is good, but I’m surprised at how well they go together. Maybe not so many ceiling lights are needed I would eliminate the two lights above the kitchen counter. That's just my opinion. I wish you good luck.

2020-11-12 03:08:55

Hey, I loved the walls. Also, the window sitting !!! Good work :) You can also check mine on pg.6 :)

2020-11-12 07:04:31
User 12006058

2020-11-13 00:32:17
Hall Pat

Votado :) sin compromiso.

2020-11-13 00:40:04
Born to be Wild


2020-11-13 08:25:12
Ana Sofia

Votado :)

2020-11-13 12:09:11
Milica G.

Hi Rizki! I love your project with orange touch, looks very fresh and youngfull. Voted!

2020-11-13 14:00:50

an old town classic home as it should be, i love the use of oranges sooooo much ! voted for u , would u mind voting for me too ? thanks :)

2020-11-13 14:07:43

I voted!

2020-11-13 16:53:25

Voted :)

2020-11-13 18:02:08

Hi! thanks for your vote. I voted for you

2020-11-13 22:43:25

Very nice! I voted.

2020-11-14 08:03:09

Hello! I loved it, I voted for him, could you vote for me? :)

2020-11-15 04:20:58
San Jose Sharks


2020-11-15 10:57:19


2020-11-15 12:30:03
Talia Karam

I really like the coour combination. looks amazing. I voted for you :)

2020-11-15 13:26:44