White and gold interior

Design a bedroom with a bathroom. The main colors are white and gold.

Mr. Time

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Mr. Time

Please vote! ty

2020-09-29 10:09:11
Milica G.

I like it, it is true white and gold response to a challenge, neutral grays and natural color of the wood are nice additions your color-story. I like the layout, too. Great job.

2020-09-29 11:23:40
Mr. Time

thanks @milica Grkinic. Job well done!

2020-09-29 12:27:12

Hi! I like the layout, but the walls have too many patterns. Maybe tone it down a bit? I'm on page 11 if you wanna see mine :3

2020-09-29 14:25:35
Julio Medrano

Rose. Gracias por comentar mi proyecto. Muy buen diseño el tuyo, cumple con el desafío, en la entrada se puede ver un poco el estilo boho, has tenido cuidado de colocar las decoraciones para que no quedaran flotantes, solo dos cuadritos quedaron un poquito separados de la pared a pesar de eso tienes mi voto garantizado porque está muy bonito. Saludos.

2020-09-29 16:21:12

It really stuck to the theme of gold and white, loved it. Please check out mine, and give your honest opnions

2020-09-29 17:03:46
печенье выпечка

hi Rose Samijon like your design but why are the walls different colors

2020-09-29 18:55:14
печенье выпечка

and ty for your comment on my design

2020-09-29 18:55:34
печенье выпечка

why are their reindeer's on the ceiling

2020-09-29 19:02:16
Andreas Sihono

Hi, nice design. Love it.

2020-09-30 01:32:54

Very beautiful, but there are no dark colors, everything is light. This is my opinion.

2020-09-30 13:36:28

I will definitely skip for you.

2020-09-30 13:39:32
Hall Pat

Buen trabajo!

2020-10-01 02:10:49
Elena Z

Hi, thanks for your comment! I like your project, it has good balance between gold and white and looks elegant

2020-10-01 07:53:39

2020-10-01 08:16:26

Hi Rose, thank you so much for your nice words about my project. I think that you have gone foe something that is on the edge of the extravaganza but you managed to stop before going for tacky. There are some lovely details that shows how much you care about your project. I love the big, round feature on the wall! That's a bold statement of style. I love also how the armchair textile mirrors the wall paper! My only issue is with the wall paper in the bathroom. I'm not a huge fan of it. However, overall, a very lovely design! I like it!

2020-10-01 11:23:25

Thanks for your comment on my design! I will vote for you! P.S. LOVE your design!

2020-10-01 23:54:29
Izzy Moonlight ☾

That is super cute! Nice job remembering the gold. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

2020-10-02 03:39:00
Milica G.

Voted! Good luck!

2020-10-02 05:50:30

I like the design, especially the color combination. There may be a little too many patterns, which evokes a feeling of overcrowding. That is my opinion. Good luck.

2020-10-02 06:29:21

I voted for you. Good luck

2020-10-02 11:01:51
Art lover

This is a truly bright design with gold and white just like the theme says, unlike some people who just do random colors!! This really looks magnificent! check mine out on page 55!!

2020-10-02 15:42:45
Art lover

Ive voted btw

2020-10-02 15:42:57
Huzaifah Al-Quraishi

Hi! I really love your project a lot! I love the bedroom so much! AMAZING project! I already voted for your project. please vote for me on page 1! thanks!

2020-10-02 17:32:11
Julio Medrano

He votado por ti.

2020-10-02 19:08:16
Saulė Kardašaitė

Your design is brilliant! It makes me happy because it's so inviting and cozy :) I love that you use a lot of patterns and textures! You get my vote! I would be really happy if you took the time to visit my design! :)

2020-10-03 13:22:20
Huzaifah Al-Quraishi

Hi! I really love your project a lot! I love the bedroom so much! AMAZING project! I already voted for your project. please vote for me on page 1! thanks!

2020-10-04 15:57:33

Wow amazing

2020-10-16 19:17:39
Diogo Sousa

Desculpa sr. time mas eu não gosto lá muito tem muito dourado

2021-03-09 18:37:30