Black and white office

Design the office. Main colors of the interior are black and white.

Toga Himiko

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Huzaifah Al-Quraishi

hi , i love yours. you are the best designer ever. ..... i love the color scheme so much! and the way you arranged everything. i voted for your project. please vote for me on page 1.thanks!

2020-09-11 11:35:10
Isaac Schultze

Hi yours is ok doesn't fit the criteria of black and white that much though and some items are floating and theres a plant blocking the front door if you work on your placement and your color scheme then it would be great cheers!

2020-09-11 15:59:06
User 13286372

2020-09-11 20:57:24
Toga Himiko

Thx so much guys and sure and thanks for he feed back

2020-09-14 02:08:52
Toga Himiko

@happy girl i am delighted to have you say that to me

2020-09-15 23:32:30

See so cute I love how you did it so awesome

2020-11-05 01:57:42