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Design a room for kids.


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This is my kids room. It is complete with a cozy bed to sleep in. Also, it has an area for toys and an area to play with toys. It's main colors are blue, gray, a little white and a wood color. It is so cute! ;D. I wish it was my room. I really love the giraffe and cute storage options. The only thing I wish was there was I little more space because there was that really cute loft bed but no room to put it and also do storage and cute decorations. Please comment tips and things you like about. I will make sure to comment on your designs. Don't forget to check out my other designs and there is a new one every week. Thank you, and try your hardest. *CheckOutMyDesigns**MORECOMINGSOON**

2021-04-12 21:48:35
User 20244259

hey, thanks for the nice comment! you asked how i made the beds - out of wardrobes which i descended into the floor. Then on top i put rugs and pillows, i hope this answers your question. now for your design! I love the colours and the toy area is a nice touch and shows you are thinking about the child you are designing for. The only suggestion i would say is that you have tiles on the floor which is quite cold for a bedroom in my opinion especially if you go around barefoot in the room like i do;) Also if you dont like the furniture provided, get creative. Creativity has no limits.

2021-04-12 22:09:26

Thank you that does answer my question. But another question. What wardrobe did you do? Thank you I thought the colors were nice. I was thinking about I child when doing. I was thinking about my little sibling. Also, how I would have liked it to look. I know I did tile flooring. However, I wanted to do them because of the look. I pretend because I think you can design a floor with wood in that pattern. Also, I did like the furniture all of it. I just wish there was more space for me to put the beds in and still have a play area and stuff like that. *CheckOutMyDesigns**MORECOMINGSOON**

2021-04-12 22:33:40
User 20244259

i used the biggest wardrobe - the one with the door a little bit open, i dont know how else to describe it.. thanks for explaining the tiles, i understand.

2021-04-12 22:39:46

Ok, thanks. No Problem ;D *CheckOutMyOTHERDesigns**MORECOMINGSOON**

2021-04-12 22:42:27
It’s_the_OG_ designer_!

I like this a lot but I feel like there is almost too much shelving space. Maybe you could have used the space for paintings or 1 large dresser. I would also have loved to see more color. But this is only my opinion! Thanks for the feedback on mine

2021-04-13 00:18:49
It’s_the_OG_ designer_!

And I 100 percent agree with your introduction

2021-04-13 00:19:44

I don't see how there is to much shelving. Because There is a dresser space by the bed. There is a thing for toys by the giraffe. And finally a place for clothing. That's it. Unless I missed something. So, I disagree with you. Also, I wanted to do a picture but they didn't go with the room very much I tried. And there were no good pictures to go with the room. I tried that as well. *CheckOutMyOTHERDesigns**MORECOMINGSOON**

2021-04-13 20:29:41
Hall Pat

Gracias por el bonito comentario en mi proyecto y por la observación. Su proyecto es muy agradable y personalmente me gusta la alfombra con los cojines, sería un lugar ideal para pasar el rato, me gusta el detalle de el osito en la cama. :)

2021-04-13 21:50:21

No hay problema, gracias. Realmente lo intenté con el oso. :) Me encanta la pequeña zona para pasar el rato. Pero mi favorito es la jirafa y los contenedores frente a la cama. **Echa un vistazo a mis OTROS diseños ** MÁS PRONTO **

2021-04-13 22:58:06

hello samsup I really want to make you a house but I would like you to make the floor plan or I will just do it and you tell me what you want for the home!

2021-04-14 00:04:16

Ok sounds good. I am working on it right now. :D. But if this is to troubling for you I wouldn't do it.

2021-04-14 11:21:51
User 22186376

2021-04-15 22:38:00

Yes thank you I will. *CheckOutMyOTHERDesigns**MORECOMINGSOON**

2021-04-15 23:15:32