Hotel room

Design a hotel room: bedroom with a bathroom. The main color of the interior is brown.


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That is amazing! i will vote for you please vote for me.

2020-08-16 01:48:08

Thank you!! What page are you on Anonymous1?

2020-08-16 02:03:51

May covid, Donald Trump's presidency, and the hostage situation regarding not being able to change colors and textures without a premium subscription during design battles all end very soon!!! n.n

2020-08-16 02:54:35
User 9424078

2020-08-16 03:05:57

OMG!!! Thanks Erin!! That really means a lot! :-))))

2020-08-16 03:59:24
Born to be Wild

Voted. I love the panache in your design.

2020-08-16 05:59:01
Салима Сеитмеметовна ❤❤

I really liked your project the color combination is just super

2020-08-16 08:05:01
Салима Сеитмеметовна ❤❤

you have great talent

2020-08-16 08:05:27
Салима Сеитмеметовна ❤❤

MashaAllah is very beautiful

2020-08-16 08:06:40

This is absolutely amazing!!

2020-08-16 08:17:33

Thank you Born to be Wild!! Definitely tried to go all out on this one!! :-D

2020-08-16 10:57:08

Wow!!! Thanks Салима Сеитмеметовна ❤❤!! So kind!! (´∀`•)

2020-08-16 10:59:54

Thank you Nis_D3s1gn!! Glad you like! n.n

2020-08-16 11:02:29

Hi, your design is unique and special that's why I voted for you. Please look at mine on page 2 and vote if you like it! Great job, stay safe and WOOF! ( please vote or I might take my vote off u) I ❤️️

2020-08-16 13:08:47

Thanks Doggy!! Those renders are gorgeous btw!! Vote for vote is fair!

2020-08-16 14:35:39

omg, so creative and class use of space, would have never thought of anything like this!!

2020-08-16 15:31:53

Thank you afallon!! That's very kind of you!! ^ω^

2020-08-16 17:52:46

Thank you for your vote, I voted for you! Your design is AWESOME!! Very creative and exciting to look at. I'm eager to see what else you design. :)

2020-08-16 23:50:15

Omg! That's so nice!!! (⋟﹏⋞) Thank you Ella!! And I will definitely do my best! ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ

2020-08-17 02:13:39

Насыщенно! Интересно! Мне понравился!))))

2020-08-18 07:48:51

Thank you very much Ольга Птицына!! (Большое спасибо Ольга Птицына!!)

2020-08-28 04:52:25