LOFT interior style

Design a LOFT style kitchen and living room.


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This is my LOFT interior design. It is complete with a small kitchen bar top counter space and living room. It is also well lit and has plenty of living plants in it's interior. There is an many older things. I went for a more older modern feeling to go with my design. However, what I would have loved is a little more space to do an office or bedroom. Maybe some spiral stairs leading up to a smaller office and sitting room. Next I would have liked to have more space for a dining room. But that is ok. Once again this is my LOFT interior design for the Design battle. I hope you like it.

2021-03-28 14:49:32
It’s_the_OG_ designer_!

Ur intro was exactly what I was thinking about! The second level, the spiral staircase etc! Lol I love this it’s so creative and the breakfast bar is perfect

2021-04-08 19:46:47

Thank you I worked very hard on it. I tried to have a boho and modern feel to it. It was my first battle so I tried hard.

2021-04-09 15:47:53