Chinese interior style

Let’s get back in time for a week and create a room to celebrate the Chinese New Year! Design a living room with a dining area featuring the Chinese style.

Sub_Urban Fan

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Hi Demon_Wolf Saw your comment and OMG love your house! Your theme really matches with legit everything God great job. And about your hopes and dreams to have a full Catalog... I hope you will soon reach Your Goals. Love your Design!!! P.s Hope we can become friends and i also hope you win!!!

2021-02-18 05:59:10

And yea the story is true about my Dad but thanks

2021-02-18 05:59:48
Sub_Urban Fan

AAAAW Thank you so muuuuch, and yeah I hope so lol. and You are very welcome. P.s maybe we can become friends but it's gonna be hard to contact each other lol. Imma take a look at your projects too, if you don't mind but again THAAANK YOOOU SOOO MUUCH for your feedback. I really appreciate it.

2021-02-18 16:36:53