Design of the Week: Mobile Home

This week's design of the week is a mobile home project.

Rendering of a mobile home project with a deck
Design of the week project by for design

Our Design of the Week is a chance to showcase some of our users' most innovative and original ideas. This week's feature, created by for design, is a mobile house project that can be moved from one location to another.

The home's interior is done with modern minimalistic touches featuring a black and white color palette. We see wood and stone finishings, creating a seamless blend between inside and outside.

Three colors dominate the house: brown (wood), white and black. The user is using the three-color rule commonly used by designers. This combination makes the interior stand out and looks aesthetically pleasing.

Living room and kitchen

Both rooms are combined, making the space look and feel airy. There are windows on both sides, allowing more natural light to fill each room. When you enter the house, you automatically notice the sofa and the wall painting taking center stage. The black-painted brick wall behind the TV creates an accent wall that ties all the decor together.

Master bedroom and bathroom

Both rooms are on the right side of the house and are separated from the kids' bedroom. This setup allows kids and adults in the family to have their own private spaces in the same home.

The master bedroom is decorated in a modern luxury style. We see this in the decor elements on walls, the walk-in closet and the makeup table next to a bed. Even though the space looks smaller because of the dark-colored wall, it is more than enough for two people.

The bathroom is smaller than the bedroom, but there is enough room for a beautiful sink and shower. The walls are also decorated in a luxury style, with wood, stone and concrete elements.

Kids and guest area

Even though the kids' room is bigger than the master bedroom, the bathroom and guest room are much smaller and less decorated. It's reasonable as the owners would visit these areas less frequently.

The kids' room has enough space for two beds and a desk so kids can study, sleep and play together. It creates an area just for them and a place to call their own.

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