How to Make Furniture in Planner 5D

Planner 5D is more than just a tool to arrange furniture. The app makes it possible to create exclusive interiors, where you may not simply choose an item from the catalog and place it somewhere on the plan but also develop and utilize your custom-tailored ideas and create furniture of yours using Planner 5D.

In this tutorial, we will share some simple tips. For a start, let’s design built-in shelves in the wall, a built-in wardrobe, and a dresser for TV.

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Step 1 – Making Built-In Shelves

The process will require at least baseline knowledge of the app's functionality. You will need to complete the following stages:

  1. Create the room plan with its shape and real-life dimensions.
  2. Choose a location for the built-in shelf.
  3. Add another room to the space you have chosen for the shelf.
  4. Indicate need parameters and specs associated with the shelf.
  5. Select finishing materials and colors for the shelf.

While Planner 5D does not have a built-in shelf in the catalog, you can make them yourself using room layouts and resizing them in the way you need. This is the same as building a smaller room inside the bigger one.

Step 2 – Making a Built-In Wardrobe

The idea is just the same as with adding shelves. You need to create a new room plan, add a layout for the future wardrobe, resize it and set needed specs. Feel free to use the Planner 5D catalog to select different décor items from the lifestyle section. To make the scene look complete, a good idea is to add some blinds from the Curtains & Blinds section.

Step 3 – Making a TV Dresser

This step is much easier and does not require adding several layouts in a single room. You will have access to a wide selection of dressers in the Planner 5D catalog. Choose the one you like and add it to the plan with a click. Then, set dimensions, choose colors and finishing materials, combine a dresser with other interior items. For example, you can put a fireplace between two equal dressers and combine them in a single piece of furniture for your TV.

Step 4 – Making Exclusive Furniture

With Planner 5D, you are free to experiment with different types of furniture or even create one of your own. It will add an exclusive touch to your interior. For example, it is possible to make custom-tailored dining or coffee tables of different sizes, shapes, and colors. Another good idea is to make an exclusive hanging bench for the backyard creating a perfect outdoor scene. 

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