Turn a photo into a 3D image: Joining the AR Revolution with Interior Design

Can you imagine taking a photo of a room and instantly have it turned into a 3D model? What if you didn’t have to measure walls, or insert windows, or place your furniture just right – it would be all done for you with real-life precision?

Lucky for you, here at Planner 5D, we are working on doing just that! We have been creating our own AR (Augmented Reality) app that would automatically recognize walls, windows, furniture and room layouts using image recognition technology. This new technology is scheduled to launch in November of 2017.


To use AR in Planner 5D, you would only need to snap a simple photo with your smartphone, which would be sent directly to a server, resulting in a 3D model of that interior. The 3D project would be easy to edit and would allow to rearrange furniture, change textures, virtually add new furniture, or delete old furniture and replace with new options.


Planner 5D is joining the wave of AR devices as major technology companies, such as Apple, Google and Microsoft, are working on their own AR and VR technologies. 


 “There is an exciting future for interior design, when smartphones start integrating advanced AR technology,” said Alexey Sheremetyev, CEO of Planner 5D iPhone 8, “for example, it will possibly have a depth-sensing camera and will recognize vertical dimensions, such as walls. This would be a huge leap forward also for anyone designing their home, as this technology would allow to visualize such details as floor renovation, wall color change, introduction of virtual paintings, and so on."


AR technology, which will eventually move from smart devices into AR glasses, will make it easy for anyone to take a stab at interior design. Planner 5D is also working on implementing AI into its platform, which would create curated design ideas for the users based on their personal taste.

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