The Best Paint Colors For Your Living Room

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Part of the fun of decorating is deciding on a color scheme. Planner 5D has previously offered some inspiration for your living room, but what color should you paint it? If you're looking for living room paint ideas, you've come to the right place.

If you're reading this article, you might be wondering whether to decorate your walls with paint or wallpaper. Both can look beautiful, but paint is usually cheaper than buying rolls of wallpaper. You have more freedom to create your color scheme, and you can fix mistakes with less difficulty.

We'll give you some of the best living room color ideas, color associations, ideas for specific atmospheres, and even answers to a few frequently asked questions!

Choosing a color

What's your favorite color? There's a way to use it in your interior. See below for some of the top living room paint ideas and how to use them.


You might balk at painting your living room white, as it is quite hard to keep clean! But the atmosphere it creates is very fresh, modern and airy. It's also versatile - it can go with almost any other colors! It works exceptionally well in a south-facing room. Consider an off-white shade if you want to bring in some warmth.


Red is an intense color with associations such as passion, strength, and love. It can be a bold, exciting choice for a living room. If you're not sure about painting the entire room such a bright color, think about using it in an accent wall or in moldings to warm up the room.


Keep your cool with a calm, soothing blue. You can create a range of moods with different shades of blue - a darker one looks sophisticated, glamorous, and modern, while a lighter, grayer blue gives you a heavenly place to relax. It goes well with golds, silvers, and a range of other colors.


Just like blue, green is serene and tranquil. It can give your living room a natural feel when used with white, blues, or greys. Combine a brighter green with orange or brown for a retro interior, but avoid putting red furniture too close to your green walls unless it's Christmas!


Gray is super popular at the moment and no wonder. There are hundreds of ways to incorporate gray. It's a versatile color that looks sophisticated. Glamorize your gray painted walls by decorating with elegant lamps and soft rugs. If you're more of a minimalist, use gray to keep your walls understated and set off flashes of color in smaller furnishings.


Beige is an excellent alternative to gray and white - while it's neutral, it holds a little more warmth. Create a range of aesthetics with beige: go for rustic and earthy with plants, browns, and other warm hues. Otherwise, combine it with dusty blues to feel like you're at the seaside.


Are you feeling bright and bold? Paint your walls yellow for sunshine and freshness inside. If you're not ready for a full-on deep yellow, consider a light yellow that's almost white for a subtle brightness. Mustard yellow is fitting for a refined interior full of signature furniture.


Painting your interior black might seem like a no-no, but hear us out. It can look amazing. A monochrome color scheme can make your interior look edgy and modern. Did you know that black paint comes in different shades? A saturated one goes well with a variety of colors, while a black with undertones or a 'lighter' black retain more light in smaller spaces.


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Purple signifies luxury. It might seem like a challenge to use, but it doesn't have to look garish. You can create a glamorous interior by painting your walls a dusky purple and adding touches such as mirrors and glass vases. Combine deep purple with green and brown for an earthy, natural feel. Lighter purple, such as lavender, gives you a calming space, while plum is an option for a natural-feeling color.

Living room paint ideas for different styles

If you still don't know which color to paint your living room, think about the atmosphere you want to create. Read on to find out how.

Best paint for a cozy room

Being cozy means feeling warm and safe. If you like neutral shades, choose a creamy white to add warmth to your walls. Deeper colors can make your interior feel earthy and snuggly, while a light blue is relaxing - combine it with other colors to make it extra cozy.

Best paint for a modern living room

Make an impression with a contemporary living room. Paint your walls white and add black touches in molding and furniture to create a stunning monochrome space. Black on its own is also a good color option, as it works well with other colors. It's a bold choice that is bound to capture your imagination. If you're into design trends, try a moody blue or green to refresh your living room.

Best paint for a rustic living room

Make the most of colors found in nature - light greens and soft browns. White is suitable for a classic farmhouse look, while blue, sandy hues and coral give a rustic seaside look.

Best paint for a glamorous living room

As we mentioned above, purple is a great way to create a sumptuous living room. Dark colors make your interior feel luxurious and elegant, particularly when paired with glass, gold, and silver décor. 

Best paint for a timeless living room

Most of us want a living room that won't go out of style. Neutrals and grays are don't go out of fashion and will fit with almost any furniture. They're future-proof! If you want to enjoy some color, consider an off-white with undertones of your favorite shade. It won't overwhelm the space or go out of fashion, and you'll still enjoy a little vibrancy.


How do I choose a paint color for my living room?

First, think about your taste. What's your favorite color? Use that to inspire you - look online and in magazines to see how others have used it in their interior. If you're repainting a room and already have furniture and décore, choose a shade that will fit best. Test out a few paint samples to see what they look like on your walls. The texture of your wall and the light shining on it will make the paint look different to how it does in the shop.

What kind of paint do you use in a living room?

When you go paint shopping, the range of finishes available might seem overwhelming. Here's a quick guide to how to use different finishes in your living room. The finish refers to how 'shiny' the paint is, and the best one depends on your walls.

The least shiny, flat finish, is usually the cheapest, but it's the hardest to keep clean. It's perfect for ceilings, as they tend not to get so many stains on them. Eggshell and satin are the next most glossy, and they work well in living rooms. If your walls aren't perfect, it's best to opt for eggshell, as it's more forgiving - satin can draw attention to imperfections. Semi-gloss and high-gloss are best for moldings and frames, as they're the easiest to clean.

What colors make a living room look bigger?

There are no strict rules, but in general, stick to lighter colors. More light stays in the space, which fools you into thinking you're in a larger room.

But rules are made to be broken! Darker colors can make a room seem grand and dramatic, as long as you pair them with the right furniture.

How much paint do I need?

Calculate the area of your walls and subtract the size of the windows and doors. One tin of paint should cover 6-6.5 square meters (20-21.5 square feet) of wall. If you need help, The Spruce has a great tool to help you out.

Whatever your favorite color, there's a way to incorporate it into your interior. Use different paint colors to create your desired atmosphere. Have you recently repainted? We'd love to hear how it went! Share your designs, projects, and ideas with us below or on the Planner 5D Instagram

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