How to Use a Virtual Kitchen Designer to Create Your Dream Kitchen

Design your dream kitchen with an online kitchen design program. Here is how.

Virtual Kitchen Designer to Create Your Dream Kitchen
Kitchen design created by Alexandra Cooper with Planner 5D.

The kitchen is one of the spaces in the house that must be designed with greater attention to allow its occupants to prepare, store and cook food in a functional, comfortable and safe way. However, many kitchens become forgotten spaces in the home, especially those that are small and not functional. While these areas are often the most difficult to decorate, we have the perfect tool to help you.

You can design your dream kitchen with Planner 5D's 3D virtual kitchen designer. In this post, we offer tips for using an online kitchen designer to create stunning and functional spaces.

How to use the kitchen simulator

You must consider six work zones to create a practical kitchen that's also ergonomic. These include the food storage area, storage for utensils and small appliances, washing station (sink, dishwasher), food preparation area and cooking area, where the stove and oven are located.

virtual kitchen designer
Kitchen design created with Planner 5D 

How to create the best 3D kitchen designs

Using the Planner 5D online kitchen designer to create your kitchen is easy. All you need to do is open the editor, select the room, and drag and drop the desired furniture into the space. Select the search icon to find all the furniture and items you want in your kitchen.

Need a bit of inspiration? Our gallery is available for you to find design ideas. Additionally, you can check out our YouTube channel (and even this blog) for tutorials on how to use the Planner 5D virtual kitchen designer.

Use Planner 5D virtual kitchen designer today!

virtual kitchen desinger
Kitchen design created with Planner 5D

What is a virtual kitchen designer?

A virtual kitchen designer allows you to organize and design all the elements of your kitchen. You can define the room's dimensions, choose features such as kitchen finishing materials and colors, place windows and doors, and select your favorite wall color. The possibilities are endless!

Can I create the kitchen design myself?

You have several customization options for choosing colors, furniture and decor items. You can also change the arrangement of each element in your kitchen - let your imagination guide you. Our gallery of user-created images can inspire you with various kitchen styles if you need inspiration. Don't forget to check out our blog for kitchen design inspiration.

Is the virtual kitchen designer free?

You can use the platform for free with limited features. However, if you want to access all catalog items, use the rendering option, change furniture textures, scan existing floor plans, and have full access to our academic course, you need a paid subscription to unlock these additional features.

Planner 5D virtual kitchen designer
Planner 5D virtual kitchen designer

Where can I find the virtual kitchen designer?

Planner 5D online kitchen designer is available on various platforms, including iOS, macOS, Android (check out our pages on Google Play and the App Store ), Windows 10 and the web. You can use it online or download our desktop app.

The benefits of using Planner 5D

  • Planner 5D can be downloaded for free.
  • 2D and 3D views provide a more complete design perspective.
  • Another exciting benefit is that you don't necessarily need to design your kitchen from scratch. Get inspiration from our users in the creative ideas gallery.
  • Highly detailed and realistic renderings.
Online kitchen designer
Planner 5D online kitchen designer

Learn how to design with Planner 5D

Learn all about interior design, decorating styles and customization options in our Interior Design Academy. You can use our platform for all your design and customization needs.

So, have you tried the Planner 5D virtual kitchen designer yet?

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