All-in-one solution for design pros

Ultimate interior design platform to help you create stunning projects, wow your customers and win new clients.

An ultimate design platform to keep all stakeholders aligned. Experience advanced interaction with your clients and let them participate in the workflow through notes, comments, and questions within one app.

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Greta Larsson, Interior Designer

Revolutionise your sketching with our AI Design Generator

Use Design Generator to inspire customers

The ultimate tool for PROs seeking inspiration and fast sketching options.

Artificial intelligence will help you create amazing designs to inspire your customers

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Realistic 4K Renders

Photorealistic 4K Renders

Deliver an ultimate experience to your customers with amazingly realistic 4K renders. Propose different designs to let your clients feel and touch their future homes. Turn any floor plan into a photorealist 3D design with just a click!

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Specs and Docs organizer

You can seamlessly integrate cost analysis and budget tracking into your design process and our automated estimation tool ensures accurate cost projections for your furniture selections.
Our digital storage system is designed specifically for interior designers, ensuring that your blueprints, sketches, and client details are always just a click away.

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Immerse your clients in a realistic and interactive tour of your projects, allowing them to explore every detail from the comfort of their own space. Elevate your presentations and impress clients with our innovative technology.

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Powerful and easy-to-use 3D floor planner

3D floor planner to sell your stunning ideas. Simple solution lets you build plans in 2D and 3D. Measure spaces, add furniture, decoration and finishing materials in seconds. Share and work together with your clients to visualize better life in a new homes.

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Mood boards

Jumpstart your creativity with pre-designed templates tailored for different design themes and styles. Elevate your interior design projects with our powerful digital mood board tool. Start creating stunning visual representations of your ideas today!

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Convert floor plans to 3D in seconds

Convert your floor plans into fully customizable 3D designs with our cutting-edge AI. Upload a 2D design or blueprint to the app and automatically get a fully-furnished 3D mockup.

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Create stunning visualizations that open up new opportunities to grow your business.You’ll help your clients visualize their lives in their space and close deals faster.

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Boost Your Design Career:
Earn & Shine with 1:1 Consultations

Powerfull and easy to use designer tool

Monetize your professional design skills by engaging with clients in 1:1 video consultations. Enhance your earnings and reputation as a leading Pro designer.

Join a growing community of like-minded design enthusiasts and pros. Get contracts. Earn money. Gain inspiration from designs created by other users.

Create 2D floor plans on the fly. Build professional and fully-featured design layouts with furniture, décor, and finishing materials, or switch to 3D mode to explore and edit your design from any angle.

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Build your branded profile

Let your projects speak for themselves. Create a portfolio with your best designs, build credibility and have clients reach out to you directly.

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More features coming soon

Import 3D Models

Incorporate pre-existing or externally created 3D models seamlessly.

Incorporate pre-existing or externally created 3D models seamlessly.


Collaborate and save all your interior documents and projects in one place.

Collaborate and save all your interior documents and projects in one place.

Client communication

Communicate and collaborate with your clients directly on our platform.

Speak a common language with your clients and keep all stakeholders aligned through direct communication.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What software do professional interior designers use?

Professional interior designers are increasingly using Planner 5D PRO, a cutting-edge professional interior design software. It offers comprehensive tools for creating detailed 3D interior designs, 360 walkthroughs and panoramas, as well as realistic renderings, catering to the dynamic needs of industry professionals.

What is a professional interior design software program?

A professional interior design software program is a specialized tool that enables designers to create, visualize, and modify interior designs with precision. It offers advanced features for professional 3D interior rendering and visualization, allowing designers to bring their ideas to life in a realistic and detailed manner.

How does Planner 5D PRO enhance professional 3D interior rendering?

Planner 5D PRO enhances professional 3D interior rendering by providing high-quality, realistic visualization tools. Its advanced rendering capabilities allow professionals to create detailed and immersive visualizations, helping clients and designers alike to better understand and visualize the proposed spaces. Moreover, it offers advanced 360 degrees walkthrough and panorama options, as well as new features such as Moodboards.

Can Planner 5D PRO be used for commercial interior design projects?

Absolutely! Planner 5D PRO is equipped with robust features tailored for commercial projects, making it an ideal choice for professional interior designers. Its comprehensive suite of tools supports detailed design and visualization, essential for the nuanced requirements of commercial interior design.