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Are you in search of inspiration for home remodeling? Explore all the amazing features of advanced and easy-to-use 3D site planning tool for free - Planner 5D.

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If you’re looking for a solution for deck design, we have wonderful news for you. You don’t need to familiarize yourself with overly complex CAD programs or order custom plans in studios. You can do everything yourself with Planner 5D – it’s simple, quick, and convenient.

Our deck design tool is developed to help users recreate their ideas without anyone’s help.

Now you can make a complete landscape design even if you have no prior experience.

Use the desktop version or download our app and start your first project today!


Wonderful Deck Design Like Pro

Do you know what it takes to make a jaw-dropping landscape?

All you need to do is follow the three steps below to make ready-to-use deck design.


Draw Your Deck Layout

This step is pretty simple. You need to outline the borders of the deck, including walls and fences. Alternatively, you can choose from our templates for a deck layout, which are made by real professionals. You’ll be able to customize the details to make the project your own.


Use Our Library

We have a custom library of deck design items where anyone will find something they like. Select your preferred tables and chairs, planters, and décor, and place them around the space with ease.

Our team developed the easiest possible way to do it – with a drag-and-drop tool.


Make It 3D

Lastly, you have a wonderful opportunity to see the visuals in high-quality 3D rendering. Converting an image from 2D to 3D is no more difficult than any other step of the process. And then, you can export the file and share it with others – your family, friends, builders, contractors, etc.


What You Can Do with Planner 5D Software?

At first glance, the idea of making deck plans seems either too complicated or not that exciting. But in reality, our tool reimagines the whole concept and offers unique perks which other services don’t provide. Planner 5D is:

Simple – You don’t have to be a designing genius to make a plan perfect for your needs. Even as a beginner, you can take advantage of all of the tools which Planner 5D has to offer.
Efficient – The entire project will take less than an hour from start to finish. If you use our templates, you can complete it even faster.
Flexible – There is a wide choice of options in terms of tools, items, colors, shapes, and textures. The only limit is your imagination.
Affordable – No more wasting money on designers who don't understand your specific needs. You're in charge, and you can use this tool for free or a small fee.
Fun – You’ll have a wonderful time expressing your creativity. Experiment with different styles and play around with all available features.

Best Deck Design Examples

Interested to see what others have created? We’re proud to feature impressive deck designs which users completed using Planner 5D. Some users have come up with unconventional ways of using conventional items.

Others choose more classic designs, which are equally beautiful.

Everyone approaches deck design differently, and our project gallery is the biggest proof of that statement. See what is possible, get inspired by ideas you'd never thought of, and implement them in your designs in unique ways.


Here is what our customers say

The application is the best mobile planner around. There is a paid version, but you can also unlock paid items for 72 hours after watching an ad. This is the best app available for Android! I advise everyone to get it, you won’t find anything better!

Nikita Egorov

Simply a great app! 5 stars!

Deck planner


How do I design my deck?

Designing your deck is easier than you think when you have the right tools. All you need to do is open Planner 5D, use the drag-and-drop functionality to manage the walls and furniture, and convert it to 3D to see the results.
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How do I choose the best deck design software?

It should be simple, intuitive, affordable, and offer a sufficient number of tools to bring your creative ideas to life.
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How can I make my deck look good?

Here are our recommendations for deck designs:

  • Plan for the way you live
  • Plan ways you can use areas and traffic
  • Choose the right shape and size
  • Make it comfortable and personal
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Is there an app for designing decks?

Yes, you can create deck plans on your mobile device with our Planner 5D app. It’s available for download on the App Store and Play Market.
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Are Have any more questions? Don't hesitate.

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