Design of the Week: House by The Sea

This week's feature is a nautical-themed house by the sea.

Design of the Week: House by The Sea
Pier house by Fede Lars on Planner 5D

Planner 5D is an excellent place for inspiration and home decorating ideas. Our users are inventive, innovative and inspiring, and we love to share their designs. This week's "Design of the week" is an out-of-the-box home design project of a house by the sea that will make you fall in love with blues and whites.

The house is done in a nautical style that echoes the outside surroundings. It features different shades of white and blue accents with various textures that add a sense of warmth to the whole space. Think striped patterns, soft furniture, wallpapers and rugs.

The nautical theme of the house by the sea on Planner 5D

Interestingly, the house's first thing that welcomes us is a vast kitchen with three seats next to the round windows. Here we can see plenty of light wood elements such as walls, chairs and shelves. All the colors match the blues of the ocean and the sky. White is like the sand found on the ocean's bottom. Even the decor reflects the elements of the sea. The blue and white wall tiles add coziness and a touch of a classic-style cabin with a vintage fridge.

House by the sea: kitchen 

Now we move to the living room. We notice plenty of reclaimed wood, plants and colors of the sea in all the elements. Like in the kitchen, we see the same colors and patterns in textiles, cushions and sofas. They beckon us to sit, cozy up and forget about our problems as we silently enjoy the sound of the ocean.

A small yet stylish bathroom is hidden behind a sliding door with ocean-blue panels. It features a beautiful tub with dark legs and a metal towel bar around it. Two windows over the tub add sea views and bring the outdoors inside.

Here we also see plenty of reclaimed wood elements mixed with stone tiles. The bathroom also features blue and white wallpaper and a rug with thicker white and blue stripes. The small plants also add warmth and coziness.

Now let's go out and follow the stairs to the second floor. As we enter the main bedroom, the first thing we see is blue, and it's everywhere—decor panels on walls, rugs and even the textile color of the bed. However, in the kids' room, the colors are reversed. White is the dominant color, with blue only added as an accent to complete the interior.

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