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Learn how to design functional, ergonomic and stunning interiors.
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During classes, you will not just learn how to become an interior designer, but can also practice new skills by re-creating your current home, improving a floor plan, or designing a dream home. Build your skill-set with each new topic.
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After each lesson, a quiz and homework task will be assigned. Submit your project updates to receive personalized feedback from a course instructor and get certified after the interior designing course online completion.

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Access to a user-friendly learning platform displaying your progress and interior design courses online information. Learn how to create on your computer or mobile device.

Course Overview

Introduction to Interior Design

1 . Introduction to Interior Design

8 lessons · 0 min
This lesson will introduce how to create the best interior design collages, the difference between an interior designer and a decorator, and an overview of interior design.

2 . Zoning

16 lessons · 0 min
We will discuss why zoning is necessary, the features and recommendations for zoning, walls and other methods for zoning, and the importance of zoning for every type of interior.

3 . Ergonomics

18 lessons · 0 min
Learn the basics of ergonomics, why it is important, ergonomic standards, rules and recommendations.
Interior styles

4 . Interior styles

12 lessons · 0 min
This lesson will discuss the most common mistakes when applying an interior style, as well as tips on how to introduce more than one interior style in a space.
Colors and Finish Materials

5 . Colors and Finish Materials

22 lessons · 0 min
Selecting colors and materials is a smaller part of the interior design process, but still very important. Although the physical color may appear the same to each person, our reactions and emotions to colors are unique.

6 . Furniture

15 lessons · 0 min
This lesson will discuss correct furniture placement, furniture types for every interior style, placement distances, rules, arrangements and tips.

7 . Lighting

26 lessons · 0 min
We will learn about the importance of lighting, the method of calculating the amount of lighting needed for a certain room, types of lighting and its purpose, lighting potential for every room, as well as recommendations and tips.

8 . Decor

22 lessons · 0 min
Décor is used to make a space a home – it depends on the interior style, ideas and the homeowner’s preferences.

9 . Visualization

10 lessons · 0 min
Visualization is only a part of the interior design process that ties together the various important elements: zoning, furniture, lighting, materials, colors and décor.
Fundamental topics
Divided in 3 min. lessons

The Interior Design School
is for you if...

You want to improve your home

Put course tips in the practice

You want to start a career in interior design

Learn the foundations of interior design

You want to design your dream home

Learn the skills to make interior design easy

After the course on interior design you will

Understand the basic
principles of interior design
Easily apply course
knowledge in practice
Create a professional
3D project
Get feedback from a
professional designer
Upload your designs to the
Planner 5D virtual gallery
Receive a Planner 5D

Interiors created by
course instructor

Evelina Juzenaite
An interior designer, with a higher level education and over 5 years of work experience specializing in residential home design.


Can I join if I have no previous design experience?

Definitely. The course was created to introduce students to the basic principles of interior design. Taking the course would be helpful for:

  • Beginner designers who have recently found an interest in interior design or have recently started studying interior design;
  • Anyone wanting to improve their current home or to design their dream home.
How does the course work? What is the format?

This course is fully online - there are 9 topic, each of which contains several lessons. Each topic will consist of a video presentation with a recording, and will be approximately 15 minutes long. After every module, there is a quiz that will help you fully understand the material.

Before moving on to the next module, there will be a homework task that should be completed and submitted. It’s optional. The instructor will provide feedback on your submission within 5 days.

There are no restrictions or deadlines that require you to finish the course in a certain amount of time. You can study at your own pace.

How can I start the course in interior design?

Click the button 'Try the first topic for free' —> login or sign up (if you're not registered) —> enjoy the course.

I'm already registered on Planner 5D. How do I sign up for the course?

Click the button 'Try the first topic for free' to access and watch the course.

How long is the home interior design course?

There are 9 topic, each of which contains several lessons. Each topic is approximately 15 minutes long.

Can I try a course preview?

Yes, you can access the first topic for free.

Can I choose another language for the course?

Unfortunately, no. The course is only offered in English.

Will I get feedback from the instructor?

Yes, your instructor will check every homework task.

What will I gain from this course? Will I receive anything else?

After the course, you will understand the basic principles of interior design, have the ability to create a project of your own home, and use Planner 5D as a visualization tool for any interior. Also, you will receive a certificate of completion.

Will I need any special tools or programs?

You will only need a computer and internet connection. The course is offered online using a website browser.

Is the course free?

The first module is free. After you try it out, you can decide if you want to enroll in the full course. The full course is free to Premium Planner 5D users.

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