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O estilo escandinavo é caracterizado por amplos espaços, cores neutras, móveis de boa qualidade e funcionais, atualmente vem se tornando tendencia de mercado. Particularmente é um estilo que estou descobrindo e adorando. Espero que gostem. Scandinavian style is characterized by wide spaces, neutral colors, good quality furniture and functional, is currently becoming market trend. Particularly is a style that I'm discovering and loving it. I hope you enjoy.

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Siegfried Peter
Great, but I can not vote for you. I miss the red heart ???? I do not know why! Sorry! Slanted walls I can not make. Your projects I love her very much! Bye S. P.
2015-02-18 21:55:29
Michelle Silva
Thank Siegfried your projects are also admirable! try cleaning the cookies then caches your computer, you may resolve the issue of the vote and will also lighten the application.
2015-02-18 22:23:52
Michelle Silva
For sloping walls just in the way 3d rotate the cube holding the shift key, thereby cube can turn according to the position of the house.
2015-02-18 22:26:56
Siegfried Peter
Thank you very much !!!! I will try it ! Regards S.P.
2015-02-18 22:32:36
Michelle Silva
I have helped Sieg, doubt if I can help just ask ok.
2015-02-18 22:37:56
Siegfried Peter
OK, graças ! S.P.
2015-02-18 22:42:13
Micaela Maccaferri
Molto bello e originale! ;-)
2015-02-20 15:30:56
Michelle Silva
Thank you Micaela
2015-02-20 21:22:50

Scandinavian Style.

By Michelle Silva 2015-02-18 19:42:55