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Magic Cube is a tool which allows you to create Your own objects of almost any shape and size, so basically it helps to reach creative goals that standard objects won't fulfil.

Using it You can add anything from yellow dividing lines on the road next to Your house and some extravagant sculpture in front of a house to suspended ceiling in a house like this one:,islt:4mp&tbm=isch&source=lnt&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwj3-9a228_aAhXGh6YKHfgIDoAQpwUIHQ&biw=1473&bih=731&dpr=0.9#imgrc=TfIih2Tgdz59qM:

You can find it in "Rooms" section and use it anywhere you want in Your project.


On Web site - rotate horizontally with rotation button on the screen.

To rotate vertically: press "Shift" button on your keyboard and hold the "round arrow" button on the screen at the same time.

Check out some example of creating different items from Magic Cube:
2017-11-05 11:05:06
It worked thank you
2017-11-07 20:53:44
You're welcome.
2017-11-07 21:48:31
Martnas, the "Shift" button trick does not seem to work with the Windows version. Should it?
2018-01-13 02:39:44
No, it should not.

Windows 10 app does not have this option yet.
2018-01-13 08:36:17
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